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Title: Covian Diplomacy
Post by: Raiden Morana on February 15, 2008, 08:42:52 am
Diplomatic Relations

Guardsmen Militia [Grd] - Allied
Duchy of Trinsic [DOT] Friendly
Vesper Trading Company [VTC] - Peace
Vesper [-V-] - Peace
Umbra [UMB] - Tense
The Undead [UD] - Hostile


Diplomatic Procedures


Covian Allies are traditionally allowed trade agreements and the right to an embassy within Covian territory. Allies are allowed to gather military forces on Covian lands and attend any events on Covian soil be it of military or civil kind. Allies are allowed to bare arms in Cove.


Those guilds who are considered friendly are allowed to gather on Covian territory and attend any events organized there be it of military or civil kind. Friendly forces are not allowed to bare arms in Cove unless in state of emergencies such as an impending invasion or unless their aid is requested by Covian Command.


Nations at a state of peace with Cove are allowed entry into Cove on any occasions and can attend civil events held there. They are not allowed to bare arms on Covian territory unless specifically requested by Covian Command.


Those factions declared neutral by Covian authorities have in most cases no diplomatic relations with Cove. They are allowed to enter Cove and partake in Civil events and are not allowed to bare arms under any circumstances.


Factions at a tense state with Cove are not to be considered enemies, however if they enter Covian land they should be escorted to the border immediately unless they are there on diplomatic affairs.


Hostile forces are to be challenged on sight within Covian borders and engaged if they should resist.


Official enemies of Cove that have been declared war on are not allowed on Covian soil unless sanctioned by Covian Command. Upon uninvited entry into Covian lands they should be engaged and driven out of Cove immediately.

If you have any queries please contact a member of Command.