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Title: Regular Duty ~ Abbadon the Deceiver
Post by: Linaeus on May 11, 2009, 05:18:42 pm
You may have heard of the dungeon of Deceit, deep in the mountains of the mostly uninhabited, snow-covered Dagger Isle. Deep within the depths of these ancient halls, where all manner of vile creatures make their home, rests the crypt of Abbadon the Deceiver – one of the many Lich Lords of Deceit. He and the other Liches must be destroyed.

Lead a hunt to the lowest level of Deceit, the “Lich Room”.
Slay at least one Lich Lord/Ancient Lich, and make a sketch of its corpse before burning it.
At least Four Guardsmen must attend.
At least 7,500 gold coins must be collected.
This must be led by a Regular Guardsman and may be completed multiple times.

Sergeant's Notes: Heavy casualties imminent. (Prove me wrong!)

Sergeant Keres