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Title: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Raiden Morana on June 04, 2009, 09:32:10 am
The war weathered Regular sat himself down next to a new face in the Goblin.

"'Ey up Recruit. Where d'you hail from then eh? From the Shire meself. Y'sound like yer from Altmere aye?"

~ Write a short biography of your character.
~ Include important information such as name, age, place of birth etc. as well as a little background information too.
~ Post your character's biography below.

This task may only be completed by Guardsmen Recruits.
This task may only be completed once per character.

Commander's Comments: Har! A Covian! Grand. Far too many bloody comers-in in the army today.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Jessica on June 07, 2009, 11:08:56 pm
Jessica was born in Moonglow to a family of mages, from a young age she has always been in tune with magics. She was able to cast the first circle of spells at the age of four and so she was tutored. She has always had an inquisitive nature and wanted to spread her wings and explore the world at large. So at the age of 17 she packed up her belongings, her spellbook and set off from Moonglow.

From the get go she had troubles, she came across a group of brigands and nearly lost her life in the fight, luck was on her side as she managed to escape, from then on she began to show extreme caution. She at first traveled from place to place learning all the way along. When the Moongates opened up to the Tokunese Empire she traveled there. she loved the islands at first sight. Not just because of its beauty but because under the beauty there was dangers hidden within.

She settled in Zento for a time and started to learn fencing, simply just holding a kryss correctly and some forms, due to being an outsider that's all they would teach her. She then figured that she would learn more on the move and practice practice practice.

She began her travels again just keeping to the forests, there she learn about woodcraft, the sounds of the different animals and also her limits. Her magery improved along with her fencing, and soon found that the odd ettin and ogre was of no match for her.

She traveled back to Moonglow after about 2 years of traveling, there she found out that she became an auntie. After a couple of months with her family she became restless again as set to the road. After another two years of travel, studying and living alone she became bored with this life style and went into the main towns. She was greeted friendly enough in all towns that she went in, even in Yew though she knew not to show her magical skills there. After some consideration she decided upon Cove as a place to settle in and made forth on her travels again, only this time there was an end to road.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Kardeiz on June 10, 2009, 01:53:41 pm
Name : Kardeiz D'Venci
Age : 25
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5'8
Place of Birth : Luna


Kardeiz's long blonde hair is tied back into a neat ponytail.  He has a short goatie which he keeps trimmed.  His broad shoulders and arms are well muscled due to extensive weapon training with both sword and bow.  Kardeiz is usually seen wearing a skullcap to keep his hair in place and loose strands out of his eyes.  His armour is kept clean and well polished, on his belt is a decorative scabbard in which he keeps a longsword, next to this is a plain scabbard carrying a scimatar.  At his left hip is attached a crossbow.  Over his left shoulder he carries a quiver and longbow.


Kardeiz was raised along with his older brother and younger sister in Luna, it was the tradition of his family that the oldest son joined one of the knight training schools.  Being close with his brother he learnt from him a few things about swordsmanship and archery.  During a tragic raid on the town Kardeiz's brother was killed and so he begged to go into the Knight school in his place.  He took well to his training and excelled in his classes, it was not long before he moved from being a Turcopole to a Squire and then Man of Arms whilst being apprenticed by another Knight.

During a night time patrol they came visited one of the villages that boardered the darker lands of Umbra and the inhabitants were known to harbour criminals.  They happened upon an incident where a young boy was being accused of stealing a loaf of bread.  The knight called for him to be brought forward and asked questions of the boy and the accuser.  After hearing what was to be said he ordered one of the boy's hands to be removed.  Kardeiz was shocked at this severe and very quick judgement and questioned his mentor's actions.  After this Kardeiz began to feel discontented about his mentor and requested several times for a change but was denied each time.  Finally he decided to leave and not wishing to face his parent's disappointment he left Luna all together to find somewhere new to live.

It was then he learnt about the mercenary company in Cove and decided to join up feeling that his weapon skills would be of use and he could make enough money to maybe later move on again and form a better life for himself.  Since then with the company returning to its former roots as an army he decided to stay put and felt better about it.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Hoagie on June 16, 2009, 03:45:55 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Linaeus on June 16, 2009, 06:55:38 pm

Theres my biography and such!

- Abigail Keres

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Hoagie on June 23, 2009, 07:16:06 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Kal/Mathew on June 30, 2009, 12:16:15 pm
Name: Cor'Vani Thaeldan
Age: 119 Elven Years
Hair: Yellowish tent
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hieght: 5' 9"
Place of Birth: Heartwood


As Cor'Vani stands before you, He is a proud Wood Elf. His Eyes are the most catching feature you see besides the two tatoos he has. On each side of his face just above his cheek bones you see the tattoos of two big cats facing each other loking like they are about to fight. His Uniform is well kept, hair well groomed, No hair on his face to be seen.


Born into a fishing family out on the open seas, growing up catching fish and sailing and always wanting to see the world. Cor'Vani went and joined into a Mages School where he learned the ways of the Spell Casters. Being a Quick Learner, Cor'Vani quickly out matched all the other Students in his Class making him the top student. After learning all he could from the Instructers and reading all the books, The Head Master called Cor.Vani forth, You have learned all you can from here, it is time for you to go and learn about the rest of the world has to offer that you can not gain from here. Cor'Vani then packed up and set out to see what it is like to be out in a world that he knew nothing about. Soon found his way to the Stone Keep where he was spat at, had things thrown at him, and Mocked for just being an Elf.

Soon after leaving Yew heading to Britain he come across some liches and knowing about them from his studies he knew that he will not get past without a fight. Checking his herb supply he took his book in hand and went forth as they came at Him he began casting his strongest spells and laying the to rest after some time. Finally in Britain and not knowing anyone therehe seen this Flyier on the ground and picked it up. The Baronship of Cove was Inscribed on it. He read through it and thought to his self, This place sound interesting, Could be the fresh start I need.
Picking up the stone he then casted his magic on it and appeared in Cove near the Barracks.

After looking around he soon began to like what he seen even though the woods were filled with undead and often seeing an orc or two he Then made up His mind to stay. Joining the Army made him feel like he finally belonged to something but was shortened soon after. A man called Butttons made his Hatred for Elf seen on many different time often ending up forcing Cor'Vani defending his self against this Elf Hater, Soon leaving to move on. Heading out of Cove a Vesper man told him that the Vesper for good fighter and mages to defend it against all that bring harm to its people. Soon after moving to Vesper and not being happy with what he had done he went and found ShadowHand, A Covian Scout he met briefly and was asked to move back to Cove where he now Blongs.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Tan Bloodmist on July 07, 2009, 03:00:54 pm
Tam Bloodmist is 26, has dark long hair, due to this and his shapely hips he is frequently mistaken for a woman from behind. Tam grew up in Fellucia Britian and became quite quick and fit as a result running from all manner of murderers and slave traders. Tam's Father Brick was in the Towns faction which Tam aspired to join but after his Father was betrayed by the faction leader and killed in front of Tam he left town never to return.

Tam journeyed and all over the land looking for purpose and found it in Cove, he joined the army and has never looked back even to admire those shapely hips.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Hoagie on July 10, 2009, 04:02:04 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Vincent on July 12, 2009, 04:43:10 pm
Name: Vincent
Surname: Unkown
Place of birth: Minoc, but grew up in East Altmere
Age: 20 summers

His mother died after giving him birth. His father - Marcus - then moved from Minoc to Eastern Altmere, settling at the border of the forest near the bay. He never spoke of his past and his wife - Vincent's mother, he didn't even tell his son their family name. The only thing Vincent could tell is that his father was very good with a mace - he single-handedly dispached a group of five Ettins that one day came out from the forest - thus suggesting he was either a soldier or an adventurer.

After that incident Vincent, who was 14 summers then, asked Marcus to teach him. His father agreed without protests (and he even seemed a bit satysfied). During the next three years Vincent was tough the arts of Tactics, Parrying and fighting with an Axe - his weapon of choice unlike his father. He also got a grip on knowledge of human body - Anatomy and Healing.

During his 18th year his father died - returning home from a hunt Vincent just found his father lying in his bed not breathing. He buried him according to the tenets of Church of Avatari - just like his father wanted. Grief being not his thing Vincent just packed up, sold his house and went to Minoc, his birth city, in search of something to do. He didnt stay there and journeyed through a moongate to the city of Jehlom. There he stayed for two years honing his skills until one day he saw a banner fluttering in the wind...

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Aslin on July 14, 2009, 04:01:35 am
Name: Aslin vom Distelfeld (of Thistlefield)
Age: 19
Born in: Skara Brae
Height: Around 1.65m
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Coarse and long, brownish with blond, red and darker speckles. As a wolf, the same, with darker markings around her eyes forming a sort of "mask"
Note: As appearances and physical traits go, neither of her forms indicates her lycanthropy. If at all, it is her behavior.

Born on a farm on the outskirts of Skara Brae, Aslin was once fully human. Her life was rather uneventful in her youth, consisting mostly of learning the basics of survival in civilization, such as reading and writing a little, falling for pranks and getting her own back at the prankers. She came from a rather large family, being the third of seven children. She spent much time on her own, being a little uncomfortable around too many people.
Then, back when she was twelve, she made a little discovery one night as she roamed the woods near her home. It looked like a plain belt at first, a little wider than usual and with seven small buckles. The leather was rather unfamiliar; only much later did she determine it to be human skin. It was a werewolf belt, made from the skin of hanged men and designed to transform the wearer into a wolf.
Unaware of it, Aslin buckled the belt to try it on - and became what she is today, a werewolf. Trapped in the shape of a wolf from the moment she wore the belt, her sense of smell most of all was enhanced, driving her nearly mad as all the new sensations came pouring in on her.
She fled the Skaran outskirts and hid as she slowly became used to her new form. Every normal daily task became a challenge to her as she had to learn anew how to eat, drink and most of all... hunt. A pack of timberwolves took her in despite her extremely strange behavior. Communication was impossible at first as Aslin tried and failed to keep her human language as a wolf. It took the good part of spring for her to learn the basics of pack life, and until fall for the pack to fully accept their peculiar new member. Perhaps the only reason they did was because she still looked to be a pup, barely over a year old.
After a while, Aslin would take trips back to her home at night to greet the farm's animals and look in through the window at her family, to make sure all was well. But the chickens scattered and squawked as she came near and the guard dogs chased her off; it was then that she realized things had truly changed.
Years passed, years spent hunting, living and learning with her new family, the pack. It was strange, yes, that she grew slower than the other pups, several years seeming to amount not even to one in her development, but she was "one of them" nonetheless.

Many, many months after she had first picked up the belt, memories of her humanity started to flash at her, teasing her at first, then urging her to remember what it was like on two legs, to be... not a wolf. The longing growing within her, one day, her mind forced her body to obey - and she returned, painfully from the indecisiveness, to her human body, the belt once again around her waist. A vision of the day that changed her flashed before her and she tore it off. But what once was linked to the sinister belt had become part of her, no longer merely effective through the clothing. As her concentration slipped, so did her hold on her two-legged shape, and she was wolf once more. But for the main part, Aslin had learned something: with a strong will, she could "shape" her life. And so practice began.

Now she changes easily between the two forms, still favoring the canine over the human. She has a very strong sense of smell and somewhat strange behavior at times as she is neither fully at home in the world of men nor in the world of wolves. Her little "monthly problem" is the time around full moon, when it simply becomes more difficult for her to resist changing to wolf. However, it is possible to stay human.

Aslin joined the army out of lack of elsewhere to go. Cove has started to feel like a home to her, and she is finding her place to fit in in some strange way or another.

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Post by: Hoagie on July 19, 2009, 08:55:15 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Bersi on August 13, 2009, 10:05:45 am
Here is my biography: http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,12917 (http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,12917)


Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Hoagie on August 16, 2009, 05:55:53 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Darek Milako on August 18, 2009, 09:37:43 am
Name: Darius Boreek
Place of Birth: Jhelom
Age: 25
Weight: 195lbs.
Sex: Male
Body Type: Fit
Profession: Arcanist

Darius was born in a small outskirt village of Jhelom. Born with one sister who died as a baby and an older brother who ran off at the age of 18 to become a serial murderer. Darius was born into a poor farmer family. His father was never home, was always out in the fields or in town trying to sell his crop for what little money they could collect. Darius started watching some lessons in town at a Mage school. Practicing from the outside because he was too poor to attend. Getting the hang of the art, he was discovered by his eldest brother. His brother wanted to kill him and treated him as a traitor. When Darius reached the age of 20 he ran away. This threw his family in shock, for he was to take over the farm. His brother swore to his mother he will find Darius and drag him back. Five years later he ended up in Cove. Not knowing much about warfare or the army, he was intrigued by a little training he got to watch. So he decided to join. Now he can train in his arcane ways with others of his type.

Darius is kind if you're kind. He is not the smartest tool in the shed and his accent often changes a bit due to being in so many places on his travels to Cove. He holds grudges for long periods of times and will do ANYTHING to make some money. He keeps his proud head bald as his father did and his grandfather. Darius also has a good sense of humor.


Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Vaughn Goodwill on August 23, 2009, 12:51:19 am
Name : Vaughn Goodwill
Age : 213
Hair : Dark  Blonde
Race: Elf
Eyes : Green
Height : 5'9"
Place of Birth : East of Skara Brae

Vaughn stands at average height. He is of slender build with strong arms due to years of practicing archery, and makes almost no sound with every step he takes. Vaughn's recollection of his early life is sketchy to say the least; only being able to recount his childhood in the forests of Skara Brae and the last 50 years of his life. This lack of memory is most likely a result of countless head injuries suffered over the course of his life. Vaughn is in fact an elf, but will tell how he was raised by a human ranger and that he never knew his biological parents; little is known of how he came to be in his foster father's care. He spent many years by himself in the forests training himself in stealth tactics and mastering his archery technique. In more recent years Vaughn enlisted as a professional Ranger under the Knights Hospitaller furthering his tutelage under the ranger Azrael. Vaughn eventually worked his way up to make the rank of Captain and head of the unit. Due to differences in the Order, he would eventually leave his military career and become a bouncer for the Vesper Trading Company for a long period of time. It is only now that Vaughn has decided to rejoin the military way of life.

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Post by: Hoagie on August 30, 2009, 05:26:18 pm
Darius and Vaughn have been rewarded for their duty.

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Post by: Edward on August 31, 2009, 05:06:29 am
http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,13061.msg88572.html#new (http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,13061.msg88572.html#new)


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Post by: Keitaro Kazami on September 04, 2009, 09:06:23 am
Name: Keitaro Kazami
Age: Looks 28 (real is 150)
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Violet
Race: Elf
Height: 5'11"
Place of Birth: Not certain but thinks Sanctuary, later moved to New Haven

Keitaro does not remember much of his "childhood." But he guesses he was born in or near Sanctuary. That being said he has always been around fights. He use to be legendary with swords but year of not using any have taken its toll. He has been in many wars but no one remembers the quiet ones.  He is quiet for the most part but on certain things that peak his interest he will talk. At times he will speak his mind if asked its not always what people want to hear. He is blunt at times which gets him in trouble. Which is why he is quiet most of the time.
He came to Cove after reading letters from his sister telling him of the war she has heard and seen. He left New Haven where he was with his sister before and came to Cove to protect her.

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Post by: Hoagie on September 12, 2009, 03:18:52 pm
The efforts of Edward and Keitaro have been noted.

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Post by: Me'an Silen on September 29, 2009, 01:25:06 am

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Cadeyrn on September 29, 2009, 11:06:13 am
Name: Cadeyrn Drest
Age: Looks to be in his 20's
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blond
Race: Human
Height: 5'9 & 1/2"

Cadeyrn was born In Minoc, grew up in Minoc, and most likely would have lived and died there. Through growing up he has seen war and battle befall his people numerous times. Everytime seemingly diffrent factions wanted control of the fair city. Yet with constant war about them it became rather a part of existence. The mines still buzzed with activity as did the forges and the looms and even the farms. The farm even where he grew up tilling fields and chasing off vermin. Hes father Morcant Drest and mother Imrail raised him Avatarian and instiled the fear of Wytch and many other fel beasts in his heart. Therefore, he remained at home tilling the field and never ventured far. On his 8Th birthday he was given his first bow for shooting game and poachers come to pilfer their beets and potatoes. Over the years his aimgot slightly truer but with no real targets to hit he has more of a sporting chance than anything else. The wars passed and he avoided them, mostly through the fact Minoc had no standing militia or army, not even a constabulary. Time and again though Covians would stand with their backs to the doorsteps of Minocians as the hordes of mad men swarmed about the fences. These men had no debt to Minoc and never asked for reward as they departed. He remembered it keenly from his silent perch amongst the trees or fro ma stack of boxes and crates, hidding was a way of life for some in Minoc, a means of staying out of harms way. That was years ago, now the accords had come and passed and still Minoc lay in the grip of feuding factions. The reds where come up the road with notions of "West Vesper" and the like. Having no militia to fight for but remembering the tan and darkly clad men of Cove, Cadeyrn finally set out to do something to defend his home and drive back the red menace.

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Duncan McDermott on September 30, 2009, 10:16:13 am
Duncan McDermott
Birthplace-Mining camp outside Minoc
Age-About22 harvests
5' 10"
156 pounds
Born in a mining camp just outside Minoc, Duncan came from a family dedicated to gathering the resources of the earth. Never much for the family trade, Duncan drifted from  town to town seeking employment where he could find it. Quick witted, and well read, Duncan shies away from big crowds, enjoying instead the company of a few close friends.

After losing a position working in the bank of Brit, Duncan started to wander the lands eventually coming to the city of Cove where he enlisted with the Baronship.

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Post by: Darek Milako on October 02, 2009, 02:36:00 am
Duties awarded for Cadeyrn and Duncan.

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Post by: Katryn Wakefield on October 09, 2009, 09:45:41 am
Name : Katryn Wakefield
Age : 17
Hair : Blonde
Eye Colour : Blue
Height : 5'6''
Birth of Place : Cove

Katryn is the younger sister of Keane Wakefield, whom their mother have sent for his care for a week, she ended up signing up for the army. After they have moved to Britain, by her parents Katryn was tried to be brought up with elegance with given the education by scribes and scholars which she enjoyed skipping classes to play with a wooden sword. She is definitely not ladylike.

Katryn, having the desire to be a soldier and fantasizing about battlefields will do her utmost to be accepted. She has exceptional interest in big weapons.

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Post by: Darek Milako on October 09, 2009, 09:55:04 am
Duty awarded to Katryn

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Post by: Iseabel Caewood on October 29, 2009, 08:46:37 pm
Iseabel Caewood-

http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,13816.0.html (http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,13816.0.html)

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Post by: Faden on February 16, 2010, 01:38:10 am
I have created a biograhy about my self, as my adventures unfold it will increase.



Angus Firebrew
Guardsman Recruit

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Post by: Ron Cooke on March 04, 2010, 01:55:41 am
Name: Ron Cooke
Race: Human
Age: 25
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Height: 6.2
Place of Birth: Yew
Back story: Ron's first job was lumber jacking. He cut down trees all day collecting wood. A very boring and dull life. So when a roaming band of Mercenaries was passing through the town of Yew, Ron joined up with them. He lived a life of ale, women, fighting, and adventure. But Ron developed a gambling problem and lost a couple pretty nasty bets. He lost everything, money, possessions, his armor, and almost his life. Ron was thrown out with just the rags on his back.
Several months later when he was walking in the streets of Britain he saw a Recruitment Poster for The Covian Army. Screw that thought Ron, but realizing his situation he decided to enlist and left for cove the next day

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Post by: Starkad on March 15, 2010, 03:24:21 am
The name is Starkad
Age:28 Years old
Place of Birth:Somewhere far from the North

This Interview is held in the Green Goblin
When Asked Starkad about his past life before moving to cove Starkad rubs his beard and sighs then takes a sip from his pint:

Came to cove with my Brother Wrothgar.Ah' Wrothgar's inta Art an' magic an' he also like beating steel and crafting weapons.
I am more into Drinkin' Fightin' and Women.(Stops and thinks then smiles)Especially Women
I wasn't like that before.(Starts staring at the flames of green goblin)
Our Village was raided by Orcs,lead by Drow,and my wife she was....She was raped and slaughtered.
(takes another sip)
We ran away with a bunch of men capable of fighting along with my twin brother.Charged our way through and camped.
(the terrible memories makes Starkad stare a while at the fireplace).
Made Camp in a cave along in the mountainside,It was cold and there were few of us.Fenrir was badly wounded and as'e was dyin' he reached up to my and told me that,he and my wife Helgana were having an affair.
He told me that he had to get it out of his system.
I snapped and gutted him righ 'ther.(Slams a fist on the table)as I lost my woman I also lost my respect for Women that night.

My brother was the first one who wanted to settledown in Cove and told me that there was an armeh' who didn't like Orcs nor Drow and arcane magic.
I enlisted.Went to the Swamps Duty,seen things most men wouldn't live to tell.
After I returned I had an argument with some Vesperians in this Ol' Tavern.And they were backed up by the ovner and someone from the Armeh'
Lost my purpose and went out of Cove for someday.
Met with Ilyana,she helped me with some of my issues.and I returned and started working for Luchas Drachen.But there wasn't enough action.One day in New Heaven I was teased by another Vesperian and Arcanist,The fight got out of hand his magic made my clothes burn.
I decided to return to the Armeh and start once again.

(Along with his drinking and Interest in Women he also has some kind of more then friendship kind of feelings to Ilyana but can't admit it)

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Post by: Sergio on May 23, 2010, 03:09:09 am
Figured I'd just do it there.

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Post by: Yukina on June 19, 2010, 11:33:08 pm
Yukina Kazami (http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,14520.0.html)

Yukina Kazami

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Bersi on June 20, 2010, 07:53:44 pm
Duties awarded to the above.

*signed perfunctorily*
Arcanist Corporal, Bersi

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Post by: Railen Morana on July 18, 2010, 09:14:33 pm
Ey! Doesnt everyone know me by now? Do I need tae write it up and post it on trees now?


Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Graum Trolle on September 04, 2010, 04:38:16 pm
Profile posted:

Full name:
Graum Trolle

Mid twenties

Place of birth:
Border of Yew and West Altmere

   Graum is shaggy, rough and wild and stands just above average height, wiry and well built from a life of hard work in the forest. His clothing is worn and has been patched up time and time again. Smelling of dirt and the woods, his hair a mess and face unshaven, and his lips always curled into a cheerful and impish smile. Whenever in uniform Graum can't help but look just a little bit out of place.

   Graum has spent most of his life in the forest, working by himself, and as such is not always comfortable in social situations and can at first appear shy, while in fact he is just unused to such things. He is a man of sharp wit, despite a near complete lack of education, and a man of deep faith and strong determination. He takes great pride in his work, and very much enjoys doing his best to be good at it. To those he befriends he is also a most loyal companion, although he rarely does get too close to those around him otherwise.

   Born far out into the woods of the border between Yew and West Altmere Graum spent his days in the forest from the time he was old enough to walk. His father was a trapper and a fur trader, while his mother cared for Graum and his siblings at home. Growing up Graum was always very content with his life and with his home, while his older siblings moved away one after another. He never understood his brothers' and sister's desire to leave and go somewhere else. He never understood their talk of going to "the city". Graum was content and happy in the forest.
   As he grew up he learned to hunt, and worked with his father in the woods to help support the family. He never quite had his father's talent for it though, and was always just a little too absent-minded to really do a great job, but he was a very eager worker none the less.
   The northern forests were always dangerous, but they were so familiar to Graum that he never felt worried there. That is, until very recently... The wind seemed to howl just a little bit louder, the darkness seemed just a little bit darker, and well... Things were just not right. Something was unleashed in the woods. Others sensed it too, and it wasn't long before their neighbours were moving away. Graum had nowhere else to go, no other skills or plans to really offer him many options, so he decided to take the last way out that any young man had... He had to enlist!

Title: Re: Recruit Duty ~ So, What's Yer Name..?
Post by: Aleri Briggs on June 13, 2011, 01:06:45 pm
Name: Aleri Briggs
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Place of Birth: Minoc
Hair: Brown ponytail
Eye colour: Brown

Apperance and Build: At first glance, he looks like an ordinary young chap. Not too big, not too small; boringly average in fact some might say. However, with careful deduction his appearance is really somewhat less than average. His hair never quite meets with water or soap as often as it should - nor does his body as a whole for that matter. The only significant scar he might show you is on his right palm - a small cut from clumsily falling down stairs.

Background: Hailing from Minoc, he came from a small mining family working for less than minimum wage, barely scraping through life. Through his poor upbringing he was able to honestly appreciate things more, no matter how boring or insignicant it may be. Once his father died a few years back, he was now in charge of the family; his mother, grandmother and younger sister. A huge amount of work and pressure was loaded on his shoulders quite suddenly which he was just not able to handle instantly. After being a child for so long he now has to grow into a man, quickly. He decided to venture forth into the world in hope that his luck would pick up and he'd finally be able to provide for his family, which is where he found Cove. Every month he'll make a promised trip back to Minoc to deliver gold and supplies. Instances of his child like behaviour and his incredible cowardice will creep through his persona, more often than not.

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Post by: Tyrel on July 04, 2011, 09:53:10 am
Name : Tyrel
Age : 24
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5'10
Place of Birth : New Haven


Tyrel is a human male of slim build with a plain, friendly face and a small scar below his right eye from where his brother accidentally hooked him whilst fishing off the New Haven dock when they were children. He looks younger than his age, with medium length messy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Tyrel grew up in New Haven with his mother and older brother, it was at the age of 13 where he was first discovered to have magical potential, skimming stones off the edge of the docks with his brother he was determined to outdo him, he concentrated on the rock so hard that when he threw it a small fireball actually arched out from his outstretched hand rather than a rock! It was fortunate that close by an elderly arcanist was investigating the origins of water elementals, and witnessed the event!
Tyrel was taken under the old man's wing and taught him the first few circles of magic before he passed away 8 years later. Hoping to further his talent, Tyrel ventured out into the world with a thirst for adventure to seek out other arcanists.

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Post by: Syvirosy Jaquen on July 07, 2011, 01:24:39 pm
Name - Syvirosy Jaquen
Age - Appears to be in his late Twenties
Height - 5'8
Eyes - Dark Brown

Appearance Syvirosy's long black hair is slightly wavy and well kept, it usually has a healthy shine to it.  His chin sports a trimmed goatee but otherwise clean shaven.  He has an athletic build with wiry muscles that are not obvious under his armour.  His step is light and measured and he speaks with an accent.

Background Syvirosy was born in Nu'jhelm to a woman of low birth in one of the many hareems, being a boy and of no use to the owner he was sold as a slave on his fifth birthday.  When he was ten his new owner travelled to Trinsic with the pretence of Syvirosy being his son, the guardsmen grew suspcious and his owner was arrested.  For a time he lived at the orphanage until he was old enough for one of the city Paladins to take him in as a squire.  Syvirosy learnt much from the Paladin but knew in his heart he did not want to become one himself.  At the age of 18 he decided to leave Trinsic and began travelling where honed his skills and learnt through new experiences.

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Post by: Marcus Kobra on July 08, 2011, 08:34:23 pm
Name: Decimus Secundus
Age: Early 20's
Hair: Brown (Clean Shaven)
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Born: Cove

Muscular with a touch of emaciation permanently evident on his frame, he carries himself with a slight hunch that hides the fact he is over six foot tall, his skin is tan and his face permanently wind burned from days in the fields. His flesh is pockmarked from various illnesses of the past, himself a survivor of the Covian "Itis". He is neither terribly handsome nor terribly bright.

A Covian by birth, Decimus grew up playing on the palisades, and in the edges of the shire. As a youngster he saw numerous changes in Cove, and many wars come and go. He did like any peasant does in those times, he shrugged, and carried his burden and prayed his home would not be the next sacked by raiders or billeted by hungry Covian soldiers on the march. Life when on this way for years, with its ups and its downs, but his family always recovered. . . until now. The increasing orc raids grew closer and closer, eventually the traffic to and form his family farm ceased and they where carting their goods as far as Vesper for sale. This would have been a manageable burden until orcs finally sniffed out their farm pillaging their crops and fouling his fields. To make the matters worse they cut down trees to block the yet untilled soil and even dropped a mighty oak upon the mans home. With nothing left to his name but some carrots, his clothes, and a trusty stick he set out to join the covian army in hopes of food and coin, and to take revenge on the orcs and those stupid trees!

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Post by: Nethaellas on July 11, 2011, 07:59:54 pm
Name: Nethaellas Idhrenniel
Age: around 200
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: 5'4
Race: Greenelf/Woodelf (Laiquendi)

Appearance: Like most female elves Nethaellas is slim and graceful with soft curves though she is slightly shorter than most.  She wears her hair in a braid intwined with peices of green thread, attached to which tiny hang green enameled leaves.  Her ears are not much larger than humans and pointed at the tips.  She smiles often and usually appears cheerful.


Nethaellas was born and raised in the old forest (Tawariaur) in Ilshenar near the shrine the humans named Spirituality.  From a young age it was known she would join the Guardians so she was taught how to use a bow and how to fight.  Throughout her training she was shown different forms of protecting the forest until she came of age and took up the golden helmet of the Guardians.  She lived a happy life in her home amongst her family and friends until the shrines opened their gates and the explorers came pouring in.  For a long time things became tense as the adventurers invaded every part of their home, the elves were forced to keep hidden until they understood who these invaders were and what threats they might pose.  In time the visits became less and less and the village was able return to a normal relatively normal life.  At this moment the elves decided to go through these gates and see where these people came from.  Nethaellas was later one of those chosen to go out and find more about the people in particular town and live with them as one of them.

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Post by: Kal/Mathew on July 13, 2011, 07:11:58 am
Name: Kelban Silverleaf
Race: Human
Age: 26
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5'5
Birth Place: Britain

No stranger to work. Served in the Britain Army from the time I turned seventeen till I turned twenty. Traveled around abit soon joining the Covian Army for two years moving on again due to some family buisness. After all was dealth with I joined The Order of Silver Dawn.

Thing were great till Lord Reiver up and lost his mind disbanning all the Knights in fear they would over throw him from Power. After leaving New Hope I settled in under the leadership of my long time friend Kal Shadowhand who runs The Silent Blades.

Now back in Cove under the orders of Kal Shadowhand to make safe Cove, once his home.

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Post by: Tyrionis Beldor on July 21, 2011, 11:05:06 am
Name: Tyrionis Beldorn
Age: 21
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Place of Birth: City of Britain

Born and raised in the City of Britain into a family hard working father who took care of the stables and mother that was a tailor. When I could walk I followed my father to work each day and watched how he did things. He took care of the Royal mounts and the Army mounts making sure they were well fed and cleaned eash day. I soon started work with my father taking over some chores as cleaning the stalls and making sure all the horses had plenty of water.

When I turned seventeen I hoind the ranks in the army and took the role of patrolling the City each night. All was going well for me now and my mother and father were proud of me for what I was doing for the City and that I was making a name for my self. I was soon getting bored with what I was doing after a fail relationship ended rather quickly. I retired for the Britain army at ninteen and moved on after burying my mother and father.

Aftrer leaving Britain I took up the profession of Lumberjacking to earn an honest living and with my ship I could sail lumber to different markets selling it at top price to anyone who needed it. Did this job now till I was twenty one and finding my self in Cove registering there as a Commoner and now a Guardsman Recruit. Cove is a nice place and I think I will be here for a good while.

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Post by: Avalynn Vale on October 27, 2011, 03:24:33 pm
Name: Michelle Drown

Appearance: Long golden blond hair, Honey brown eyes, lightly tanned and stands at 5'2"

Personality: Normally quiet, and shy, but will speak to someone when spoken to.

History: Michelle was born to a poor farmer and his wifeon the outskirts of Jhelom. She lived her life normally until one day she found she had the ability to throw fire. Hiding this from her family, she also learned to walk through the shadows un-noticed for the most part. the day she turned eighteen she was found out and casted out of her home, not before reseaving a few bruises and scars from her father.She swore revenge one day. she traveled alone and found herself in Cove. She practiced her magic secretly until Ilyana saw her killing an ogre and convenced her to join the covian army. Life was turning out good for this farm girl.

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Post by: Tingleith on May 14, 2018, 12:03:33 pm
New Haven

Brief Biography 
I started out life as a mercenary in new haven killing for a living and thriving off the stench of blood since i moved to cove not much has changed.


Painting Of Self
(http://i.imgur.com/5JiPSJX.jpg) (https://imgur.com/5JiPSJX)

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Post by: Duncan on June 01, 2018, 07:28:00 pm

Name: Duncan Bern
Age: in his twentys
Race: Man!
Height: around 6
PoB: A Farm in Cove
Appearance: Brown hair. Strong arms . a beer belly and a fine Moustache.

shot Bio: Duncan's life isnt very intresting.   hes no noble that is for sure
       Born in farm. to poor unloving parents who favored the pig instead.
       Poor young Duncan was set to work early in life .  spending most of the time chopping wood
       When he got old enough he was thrown out. and told never to return.
       Ended up joining the covian army to survive

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Post by: Serj Eason on June 20, 2018, 10:47:34 pm
Serj picked up his quill and began to write. 'Who am I..?', he thought.

"I am Serj Eason. (https://soundcloud.com/serj-eason/so-whats-your-name)"

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Post by: Saerandir on July 01, 2018, 11:41:36 am
Name- Saerandir (meaning Bitter wanderer)
Age - Young adult
Race - Elf, (based on laiquendi in lotr, http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Laiquendi (http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Laiquendi))
Height - 5'11
Place of birth Heartwood

Description - Saerandir has long blonde hair that is plaited and weaved into a ponytail which falls below his shoulder blades. He has bright blue eyes which seem to sparkle when he smiles. His face is smooth with high cheekbones characteristic of elves. He is slim, agile and slowly gaining strength.

Background - Saerandir was born in Heartwood to a small merchant family, he was named Gellindor (joyful heart)on his naming day as he was quick to smile and brought joy to his parents. During his youth he would venture far and wide and sometimes through the portal to spy on the humans in Yew. He was fascinated by humans and their resilience to anything that befell them. Where his own people would lose hope and fall into a deep mourning that would last many years if something dreadful occurred, such as the death of a love one. He saw the Humans continue to fight, live and slowly rebuild their lives. He began to spend more and more time away from his family and amongst humans until his father demanded he stopped and contributed more to his family and their way of life. Gellindor begrudged having to stay in Heartwood. His smile faded and so too did the joy he brought to others.
Eventually his father could no longer stand to see how his son had turned out, he named him Saerandir, and told him to go live amongst the Humans if that was what he wanted, but he was never to return to his family or Heartwood again.
For a time Searandir was sad to be forced from his family and home. He wandered the human lands looking for a place that would suit him, a place he would be able to smile again and call home. He discovered a banner near one of the moongates and eventually found himself in Cove.

(https://image.ibb.co/iqZHbd/elf.jpg) (https://imgbb.com/)

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Post by: Gary Gallo on July 15, 2018, 11:00:59 pm
Name- Garshinkle (evil parents who cursed him with a silly name)
Age - Ageing man
Race - Human
Height - 5'10
Place of birth Another realm, teleported to New Haven by evil wizard parents.

Description: Garshinkle has scraggly black hair that droops to his shoulders, although he tries to keep it tidy with bandanas and such. He has deep dark blue eyes. His face is weathered, beaten from the elements and tanned. But he has a friendly face and looking at him for a while when he has a smile on his face will most likely brighten your day.

Garshinkle was born in another realm, which he doesn't quite remember much about. He was sired by wizarding parents who despised him from an early age for reasons unknown to Gar. Gar believes it to be because he was never interested in Magic, nor showed any promise in being able to wield it. He preferred spending time in the woods and hunting deer. During his youth, he spent as much time outside of his families wizard tower as possible, and learned to be quite afraid of the Magic they casted and experimented with. When he reached twenty winters old, he came back from hunting a wolf pack and his parents were waiting for him. They would scold him often, beat him often, or find nefarious magical ways to trick him. But this time, they just sent him away. Teleported him to Britannia. Before being teleported, they said "The only way you'll ever come back is if you learn magic."
Twenty years on, and he still hasn't learnt magic. He doesn't want to go back. He prefers it in Britannia, it's pretty. He spent a long long time wandering, getting into all sorts of trouble with tribals, dire wolf packs, ogre's, highwaymen. But overall he was okay, he spent a lot of time alone up mountains or in woods just meditating. He came to the conclusion that happiness comes from within, and for Gar happiness meant having food to eat and somewhere safe to sleep.

Eventually, Gar stumbled across the place he was originally teleported too. New Haven. He wandered into the bank to find out that a package had been left for him, a suit of of armour and a sword from an unknown benefactor. And behind him, lay a book. Gar couldn't read so he asked the town crier to read it for him.


Well...He set off at once. He was done being alone. He needed brothers. And brother he'll find as a Covian!

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Post by: Elliot Tyrell on July 30, 2018, 01:19:20 am
"Huh...guess I best get started on some duties, lets knock this one out first......."

*takes ink to parchment..*


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Post by: Aralin Eroecia on August 03, 2018, 11:47:25 pm
Name : Aralin Eroecia
Age : 18
Race : Human
Height : 4Ft7
Place of birth : Britain

Description - A pretty young lass born into a wealthy household was a very normal child up until the age of 12 when she had an accident when reciting a scroll she found that caused her to fling a magic arrow at the families horse, She was not scalded for this her family saught help from the Britain mages guild who took her in and honed her control of the magic arts and taught her to only use her magic for morally correct acts, Mostly she's followed her teachings well except maybe making herself invisible to steal breadrolls from the local Baker but it isn't abnormal for a youth to be mischievous from time to time, one thing her family disapprove of is the fact that when she turned 16 she travelled to a gypsy camp in ilshennaer to get tribal tattoos done all over her body the visits were frequent given the time and detail of the tattoos and her family tried to stop her at every hurdle but she just snook out, as for her motivation to join cove she's grown weary of the comforts of a wealthy home and wants to prove to them she can make it on her own in the world rather than relying on them.

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Post by: JohnMurphy on August 05, 2018, 03:47:39 pm
Name: John Murphy
Place of Birth: Somewhere across the Atlantic, was washed up on the docks of New Haven
Age: 23
Weight: 232.
Height: 6"
Sex: Male
Body Type: Athletic
Profession: Archer

Description: John Murphy has Long hair to match his long Beard. He has a love for fishing and making arrows. Loves the open water with a dream of owning a Orc Boat one day.

Current Events.  John was found in middle of new haven with a bow and a few coins in his pockets, A man approached him and asked him if he was alright he looked confused. John told the man his story and he offered him a place to lay his head and a place to call home. They walked to the town called Cove. After a few hours of studying he was giving the chance to join the Covian, which he accepted. That Man was TIBS

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Post by: Gwen Whitcomb on August 14, 2018, 09:56:12 am
Name: Gwen Whitcomb
Age: Early twenties
Birthplace: Cove
Weight: Around 154 lbs
Height: 6'0"


Appereance and History:
Gwen is a tall woman with a fairly posture body. She has long black hair, usually tied in some sort of way. Her eyes are deep brown and several scars are all over her body.
Even tho she is very loyal and shows deep respect to her superiors, Gwen is a very introvert person and prefers to listen, instead of talking. This attitude of hers lets her seen as strange and weird sometimes

She was born and raised in Cove. While her parents were just farmers, Gwen always aimed to help people in a more direct way. At an early age of fourteen, she helped out the healers in Cove on almost a daily basis. Soon they noticed her talent to treat both physical and psychological traumas and took her on as their apprentice.

The older she became, the more she kept going south to the Glenmore Highlands, where she spied on the orcs and to find a way to get rid of them, as those were most responsible for all the injured people in Cove.
Alas, she wasn't able to fight them all alone and thus, made herself a hobby to lure out smaller orcs one by one and pummel them with a big stick.

She joined Coves army to become a Grenadier and a field medic one day.

Gwen is very compassionate, but also a follower of the Avatarian Church. She knows of the sins her Compassion brings with her and therefor, attends the church often and repents.

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Post by: Joaquin Quincil on August 17, 2018, 01:44:35 pm
Name:Joaquin Quincil
Age : 24
Hair : Blonde, dyed Red.
Eyes : Dark brown almost black.
Height : 6'2
Place of Birth : Britain


Joaquin is rugged looking his nose has been broken several times and he has a scar on his throat where it was almost sliced during a fight. Despite that he's kept himself fit and he has the lithe muscular build of a martial artist. He dyed his blonde hair red and keeps it tied back in a pony tail that reaches his shoulders. He keeps saying he'll get it cut one day. Joaquin has a small goatee on his chin that he likes to keep neatly trimmed. The growth of hair helps him look older or so he says.


Joaquin grew up on the streets of Britain after realising he had some arcane abilities his parents sent him to the lyceum in Moonglow for training who promptly sent him back again after a couple of weeks. On his return Quin spent his first time in prison for petty theft as he stole a loaf of bread for two hungry orphans. At the age of 15 was then sent to Magencia to further his training in the arcane in the hope it would help to educate his mind and lesson his rebellious tendancies. Two years later he returned to Britain and after a month was jailed again for three years for Arson on a tavern. He swears to this day it was against the owner who was taking advantage of his young barmaids. In a last attempt to instil some discipline into Quin the Britain Arcanists enrolled him where he stayed for a few more years until his recent crime which he was given the choice between life imprisonment or joining an Army or Militia where he would learn to control his "criminal" tendencies or die in the process. Joaquin chose to join the Army and decided Cove suited him best. 

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Post by: Alton Aldwin on October 13, 2018, 07:38:03 am
Name: Alton Aldwin
Age: 31
Hair: Reddish
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Cove
Appearance: Tall and slender, with long reddish hair and a long beard.
His hands and his eyes are constantly moving, looking for something nice to steal.

Background: Grew up stealing in taverns, Alton is the self-proclaimed king of the Thieves of Cove.
Actually he isn't a very good thief and his pockets and his stomach are often empty.
While attempting to steal the smouldering Library, it was discovered by Leanne that, instead of lending him a crowbar to unlock the rudder, offered him a place in the army.