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Title: The Vesper Leg of Axiana's Jousting Tournament
Post by: Axiana on November 30, 2018, 02:00:20 pm
The Vesper Leg of Axiana's Jousting Tournament

(ooc:- Thanks to all who attended, especially to Rimeny for hosting and to Leanne who did a fantastic job with her introductions/ooc)

In attendence from Cove (apologies if anyone was missed):-

Hoagie Grayner, Commander (Participated in Joust)
Kelly Sanderson, Sergeant (Participated in Joust)
Marcus Kobra, Officer Cadet Grenadier (Participated in Joust)
Gimbly, Regular Grenadier (Participated in Joust)
Alton Aldwin, Watchman  (Participated in Joust)
Leanne Melior, Regular Scout (Herald)
Winifred, Commoner (Held a stall)

Fraught with worry of the missing Covians, Axiana was finding it difficult to focus on the event that she had arranged with Mr De Blaze in Vesper.  Everyone was already milling about outside swaggers, when she arrived.  Mr De Blaze had set up ready for the joust, the Vesperian colours were glaring at her from the jousting area, and several stalls were set up, these included a funeral stall (for a Covian's impending death, no doubt!), a clothing stall and one consisting of a large quantity of alcohol.

Those participating formed an orderly line in front of Leanne to sign up (Please see Leanne's report for paintings).  Realizing that she had forgotten the lances for the joust, Axiana left Leanne to 'hold the fort' whilst she rode back to Cove to retrieve them.  After Axiana's opening speech, Leanne began to call forth the contestants from the lists:-


Round 1


Marcus Kobra v's Alton Aldwin.  Winner = Marcus Kobra


Rimeny De Blaze (-V-) v's Reg (-V-).  Winner = Rimeny De Blaze


Hoagie Grayner v's Escaflowne (-V-).  Winner = Hoagie Grayner


Kelly Sanderson v's Gimbly.  Winner = Gimbly

Kurito Omika (TSB) v's Kasper Kendall (-V-).  Participants disqualified

Round 2

Marcus Kobra v's Rimeny De Blaze (-V-).  Winner = Marcus Kobra

Gimbly v's Hoagie Grayner.  Winner = Hoagie Grayner

Final Round



Marcus Kobra v's Hoagie Grayner.  Winner = Marcus Kobra

After awarding the prizes, Axiana thanked their host, her herald and those in attendance.


She wearily gathered the horses and began to head home.   She had not walked far when she disovered a 'bloodied mess' along with a note, behind the Swaggers!  She took a sharp involuntary intake of breath.  Another Covian had been taken!


"We have her Cove!  Meet our terms and ye shall see her face again"

Axiana paled.

Title: Re: The Vesper Leg of Axiana's Jousting Tournament
Post by: The Paymaster on December 06, 2018, 10:52:02 pm
Axiana Masteen awarded 30 Shillings for organizing, leading and reporting on her event.
Winifred awarded 10 Shillings for attending and holding a stall at the event.