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Author Topic: Spell Casting Clarification [RTR]  (Read 2748 times)
Raiden Morana
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« on: January 16, 2008, 06:57:03 am »

Posted below is the definitive list of which magery spells are and are not allowed in BoC.

Please remember that you must remain In Character on your BoC mage at all times, whether on duty during hunts and trainings, or when off duty or training alone.

Also note it can be considered rude to cast spells such as Night Sight or Bless etc. on characters without their consent.

While you may only be trying to help OOC many players enjoy fighting by torch light and have Dark Nights switched on to enhance their RP experience.

Also take into consideration the fact that the vast majority of Covians are suspicious and fearful of mages and wouldn't take too kindly to being cast on other than being aided in a combat situation etc.



First Circle

Clumsy - YES
Create Food - YES
Feeblemind - YES
Heal - YES
Magic Arrow - YES
Night Sight - YES
Reactive Armour - YES
Weaken - YES

Second Circle

Agility - YES
Cunning - YES
Cure - YES
Harm - YES
Magic Trap - YES
Remove Trap - YES
Protection - YES
Strength - YES

Third Circle

Bless - YES
Fireball - YES
Magic Lock - YES
Poison - YES
Telekinesis - YES
Wall of Stone - NO
Teleport - YES
Unlock - YES

Fourth Circle

Archcure - YES
Archprotection - YES
Curse - YES
Fire Field - NO
Greater Heal - YES
Lightening - YES
Mana Drain - YES
Recall - YES

Fifth Circle

Blade Spirits - NO
Dispel Field - NO
Incognito - YES
Magic Reflection - YES
Mind Blast - YES
Paralyze - YES
Poison Field - NO
Summon Creature - YES

Sixth Circle

Dispel - YES
Energy Bolt - YES
Explosion - YES
Invisibility - YES
Mark - YES
Mass Curse - NO
Paralyze Field - NO
Reveal - YES

Seventh Circle

Chain Lightning - NO
Energy Field - YES
Flamestrike - YES
Gate Travel - YES
Mana Vampire - YES
Mass Dispel - NO
Meteor Swarm - NO
Polymorph - NO

Eighth Circle

Earthquake - NO
Energy Vortex - NO
Resurrection - YES
Summon Air Elemental - NO
Summon Daemon - NO
Summon Earth Elemental - NO
Summon Fire Elemental - NO
Summon Water Elemental - NO


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