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Sunday, 20 May 2018 - Evil has a name! Arathax the Vile!
Sir Hugo, the infamous Templar of the Covian Church, is alive and well! And he has darted into action! We have news of an evil deep within the mountains of Covetous. Our Baron assures us that this dark entity, known as Arathax the Vile, shall be dealt with.. and soon! Sir Hugo led an assault on Friday eve into the heart of darkness. Sadly, an agent of the Church was discovered dead by Sir Hugo and his squad of Covian soldiers. We have learned the deceased acolyte was Ingram Bloodrock, a devout Witch Hunter assigned by Sir Hugo to investigate the origin of a disease that has crippled the land of Altmere and threatens Cove itself. The Covian force was prevented from advancing into Covetous by foul magic and, as such, Arathax remains at large. Nonetheless, the hope and faith of the people is strengthened by this revival of the Church - and its efforts to protect its flock. Praise the Avatar!

In Altmere, Sir Hugo gathers Covian soldiers to assault Covetous.

Sunday, 6th May 2018 - Cove picks a fight with King Blackthorn!
This eve, Baron Octiovus and a force of Covian guardsmen attended the Royal Council of King Blackthorn to discuss stately matters. To the Covians' horror, there was no seat set aside for Baron Octiovus despite our liege just last week having been elected Governor of Cove (and, apart from Moonglow's representation, being the only Governor present!).
Baron Octiovus engaged King Blackthorn in a rich debate, at which the King deferred to his dark magic to subdue Covian interests - transforming into a crimson dragon and attacking! Grenadier Delcarakdur was gravely wounded but Cove triumphed over King Blackthorn's outburst. The King has now done right by Cove, creating its seat at the Council and deservedly honouring the town of Cove.

A new statue stands tall! Cove will always prevail.

Thursday, 26th April 2018 - Election RIGGED!
The election for Chancellor for the North (A.K.A. the 'Free Republic of Vesper') had a good turnout on Monday eve, with many Vesperians and Covians alike. Despite countless votes for our liege, the majority was cast in favour of one Escaflowne of Vesper. Many have quickly ushered support for Baron Octiovus and his right to rule. Talk of recounts was heard but the rigged election was quickly formalised. Retired Captain Hoagie and Exploring Officer (and former Commander) Raiden Morana were at the election, providing close guard to our liege and rubbing shoulders with our old Enemy.. Ahem! I mean.. our.. respected Allies, Vesper.
The election for Governor of Cove will take place at 8pm GMT on 30th April 2018. Baron Octiovus may run for this also, but most recently there has been interest raised in the electing of Jassi Cowin. Cowin remains an old guardsman of Cove who has been invested in the region for years. Time shall tell whether he has enough influence to defeat the enthralling and indefatigable power of our liege.

Baron Octiovus engages the local people - winning hearts and minds.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018 - Octiovus for Chancellor!
In case you've been away for some time, it would appear Vesper reclaimed control of Covian territory.. BUT! With tremendous support from Rulk Industries, our liege Octiovus is in the running for Chancellor of the Free Republic of Vesper! Further to the reformation of the Vesperian Empire, the Free Republic of Vesper will be headed by a council of five elected positions; Chancellor of the Republic (and Governor of Vesper), Governor of Cove, Governor of Minoc, Head of the Vesper Trading Company and Head of Security. Lord Octiovus needs your vote!

Vote legend, vote Octiovus!

Sunday, 16th June 2013 - The Goblin Passes On.
After many years of service, The Green Goblin Tavern has been passed onto a new owner; one who may no longer be directly affiliated with Cove but is nonetheless a local and a good businessman.
The Green Goblin's first owner was that of Grief Dryfh Gry, a crazed but loyal guardsmen of the Covian Army; followed by Erik Arkay, an exemplary officer. Or was it the other way around.. Throughout the years The Goblin has exchanged many hands, but has always been a place where merry folk would gather and ponder their shared existence over a good ale.
This eve, the new owner has been announced as Kyte, now a merchant of the Vesper Trading Company, preceded by Senior Guardsman Gregor Eason.

Many good times were had at The Goblin.
 Those times will be remembered.

Sunday, 04th Feburary 2012 - New Commander appointed

Ilyana Drachen, the first female - and arcanist - commander of the Covian army

Former Commander Torrak Keres returned savely back to Cove, with him the great Baron Mikael von Richter and Captain Hoagie Grayner. During parade, Keres informed the proud standing men and women, that he decided due to an injury to retire in his position and that the decided to not promote the vastly more expirienced guardsman Grayner, but instead making Ilyana Drachen the new leader of the Covian army.

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