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Wednesday, 5th December 2018 - SERJ EASON DEAD!
It troubles us to report that Watchman Serj Eason was killed at the Grand Covian Avamass Market this eve. The Market had one been one of peaceful affairs, with tradesfolk politely selling their wares for the winter. But an argument led to an outburst, and an outburst led to violence. It is reported that the young guardsman drew his sword in anger against a Vesperian soldier and was fatally defeated.

* RIP, Serj Eason *

Sunday, 2nd December 2018 - Britiannian Horse Masters
Folk from across Britannia were summoned to the Councillors Hall in Britain this Sunday eve to take part in a horse riding competition. Not usually being well trained in horse riding, Covians nonetheless saddled up and were able to claim at least two of the 'Horse Master' titles up for grabs. Congratulations to Commander Grayner and Regular Scout Martin-Melior for their triumphs!

Underground racing at its best.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018 - A Mootin' Mystery!
A last minute Moot in New Haven was arranged by leaders of the North this eve. Soldiers from Covian and Vesperian forces took this as an opportunity to set down banners for their respective factions whilst civilians chatted idly at the local tavern. However, a bloodied body part was happened upon in the centre of town. New Haven, usually a peaceful and secluded town, was rocked by this discovery! The body part found has led to an immediate investigation being conducted jointly by the Covian Army and the Vesper Redguard.

Body part discovered at the New Haven Moot!

Monday, 26th November 2018 - Marcus Kobra! Joust Champion!
Prospective jousters lined up outside the Swaggers Inn this Monday eve. The tournament, organised by Axiana Masteen and Rimeny De Blaze, brought in a good crowd as it always does. With many contenders, and after ferocious competition, Officer Cadet Marcus Kobra was declared Champion of Axiana's Jousting Tournament - Vesper Leg!

Jousters prepare..!

Sunday, 25th November 2018 - Cathedral Vandalised!
The Avatarian Cathedral of Cove has been vandalised! Following reports from local citizens, Covian guardsmen were called to the scene to discover that the stained glass window had been smashed and the words 'Misogynist Scum' were smeared on the cathedral's doors. A full investigation is underway.

Guardsmen inspect the damage.

In other news, Commander Hoagie Grayner has returned! He seems in good health but has not shared a great deal about his time away. He has confirmed, however, that he was indeed abducted. By what, or whom, is yet to be uncovered.

Sunday, 18th November 2018 - Yew and Cove discuss 'The Missing'
Following reports that Yew Churchmen had entered Altmere and arrested one of the Baronship's own citizens, Covian guardsmen were dispatched to Stonekeep. Led by Sergeant Kelly Sanderson, peaceful discussions were held with Captain Radek Wilkes and other ranks of the Guardsmen Militia. It was quickly confirmed that no Yew Churchmen had been active in the Covian territories, and that those described did not match the description of Yew Templi. It would seem clear that someone.. or something.. is attempting to incite war.

Peaceful discussions at The King's Deer Tavern.

Wednesday, 14th November 2018 - Chocolate Production Halted!
What was to be a standard caravan escort from Cove to Altmere became something more when Citizen Khaelieth Llelmandreal.. Kheasdsalmm.. Lsfd.., coordinator of the effort, was arrested by Church folk from Yew.
A band of Templars and Clergy descended upon Khaelieth's residence, where he had been growing cocoa trees for important chocolate productions for Cove. They demanded his arrest on the basis of suspected necromancy after uncovering evidence of 'grave dust' linked to the tradesman. Covian guardsmen on duty protested against this allegation but, being outnumbered and not wanting to cause an incident, they allowed Khaelieth to be taken away. Wanting to keep the peace Khaelieth himself also agreed to this course of action. It is assumed he was taken back to Stonekeep for questioning but, at this point in time, the whereabouts of the Covian Elf is unknown...

Khaelieth shows confidence in 'the system'.

Sunday, 4th November 2018 - Bagball Insanity!
This eve played host to a fine Bagball Tournament arranged by Regular Scout Leanne Martin-Melior on the Covian Playing Fields. Folk of Cove, Vesper and Yew all turned out to partake with two teams gunning for Tournament Champion. The rounds were played with fierce competition between 'The Britannian Bears', led by Escaflowne of Vesper, and 'The Cougars', led by Serj Eason of Cove.
In the end, there could only be one. After 10 gruelling rounds 'The Cougars' were announced Tournament Champions! The Bears certainly tried, but their skill nor their determination was enough to defeat the COO! COO! COUGARS!!

Captain Serj Eason spurs on The Cougars following a goal!

Saturday, 3rd November 2018 - Unusual Activity..! Be Wary!
A patrol into the Covian Shire, led by Junior Grenadier Falconheart, happened upon a fortification that had been massacred by an unknown enemy. The trail of blood and destruction led from the ruined outpost to the nearby Covian cemetery, where a monstrous harbinger was located! Fear not! With great difficulty, the undead creature was dispatched and the day was won. But this draws concern that Undead forces are becoming more prominent in the Shire. Be ever watchful, citizens!

A horrific scene uncovered last eve!

Tuesday, 30th October 2018 - Fireworks at Memorial Square!
Memorial Square was transformed this eve to host a beautiful display of fireworks, amidst pumpkins, bonfires and scary tales. Renowned Patrician Axiana Masteen arranged the event with precision and skill. Folk from across Britannia travelled to see the excellent display, quickly followed by revelries at Swagger's Inn.


Sunday, 21st October 2018 - Freedom Festival!
After the war with Vesper over Nu'jelm ended with a surrounding victory for the alliance of Cove and Stonekeep, it was yet once again time for annual Freedom Festival, which celebrates the Covian victory over an orcish invasion so many years ago.

The festival in full swing!

The Festival started with an open air Mass, held by the Yewish Inquisitor, a parade and many traders around from the Northern countries displayed their goods in the fine city of Cove.

The Willyfist tribute band "A Scale Model of Van Cocidus' Head" ended the Festival with a concert, that many - for better or for worse - will not forget so soon.

Sunday, 14th October 2018 - Baron of the World
Covians do not take to the high seas lightly. On a mission led by Regular Scout Melior, Covians embarked on a discovery of various islands and a range of bizarre mysticism that could not quite be explained. However, hope remains whilst company is true.. as Senior Eason and Recruit Aldwin discovered.

The Baron of the World!

Sunday, 16th September - Wedding!
We are proud to report that guardsmen Leanne Melior and Elizabeth "Pickles" Martin were bonded in matrimony this day.

Leanne's Vow to Elizabeth
"Dear Liz... Wha' I love most about ye is yer kindness and compassion. I vow to encourage ye to let yerself shine through yer dreams and look forward to helping shape our lives together, into the adventure tha' we will take. Yer soul shines on me - ye made me a better person, someone likeable. One lifetime to pledge to ye is nay enough. Ye are my partner, my friend my lover, my hero. To ye I pledge trust, understanding, and to raise ye up when ye are weary, to hold ye, to always love ye. Ye are the love of my life and make me the happiest woman on earth. Happier than I could have ever imagined. And I feel blessed to start our lives together."

Guests line up to wish the newly weds good fortune.

Elizabeth's Vow  to Leanne
"Leanne. You are my strength, my rock, my constant follower and supporter. You are the lighthouse on the foggy bay, leading me on where I need to go. Shining so bright and leading me where even I don't know where I'm headed. Even when you're blending into the woods. You're always there. I vow to never leave you, never loose you. Even when things seem most grim. To walk beside you, hand in hand. In this foggy world. My love, my heart, my life."

Saturday, 1st September 2018 - Vesperians Crushed!
"As Alliance forces partook in a picnic in the Covian Colony of Nujel'm, dastardly Vesperians vainly attempted to lodge a protest against the huge combined force, succeeding only in mildly upsetting Captain Radek 'Radish' Wilkes' prize horse. The well fortified palace proved totally impenetrable to Vesperian troops, who were swiftly seen off by the gleaming bronze clad Baron's Own Grenadiers! Eyewitnesses report that part time museum mannequin Hardened Grenadier Hrothgar 'The Fossil' defeated one entire wave of the Vesperian assault while napping."

Covian and Yew forces deflect a Vesperian attack!

Reporting courtesy of the Covetown Gazette.

Monday, 27th August 2018 - Revelries and War!
"Before the blood and sand of Nujel'm, all of Cove enjoyed a great revelry in the form of the Covian Summer Faire, hosted by Axiana 'Posh bird the Patrician. All manner of stalls and goods crammed Memorial Square, with jousting being the main event of the evening! The Baron himself took part, defeating Axiana in the most chivalrous art, but conceding to Torrak 'One of those' Keres, on account of his advanced age. The clean up operation is expected to continue for months!"

Festivities in Cove!

"The war in Nujel'm continues to rage on! After two successful engagements led by Tiberius 'Bar Basher' Kane, it looked to all that an easy victory was assured. Yet yesterday eve, the Yewish allies were nowhere to be seen, leaving the brave Covian forces to fight on alone against the Vesperian horde whose ranks were swelled by nefarious mercenaries and pitiful press-ganged peasants! Commander Hoagie 'Horseless' Grayner took on the challenge of leading the outnumbered men into these steep odds, with his rousing appeals to end this war to save Covian laundry expenses!"

The Covian cube is formed!

Reporting courtesy of the Covetowne Gazette.

Sunday, 12th August 2018 - Vesper Declares War!
"This is hereby a declaration of war upon Cove from the Republic of Vesper!" Escaflowne himself threw the declaration at Baron Octiovus, amidst a strong Covian presence this eve at a diplomatic meeting in Trinsic. Yew and Trinsic folk looked on as the fate of Vesper was sealed. The meeting quickly dispersed, following a sudden departure by Escaflowne, and Baron Octivous ordered the Covian Army to march upon Vesper.

Marchin' up to Vesper!

The Vesperians stood proudly at Swaggers Inn but a Covian order to set their navy alight prompted an attack on the Baron himself. Our liege was injured but will live to fight another day. The Vesperian force was dispatched quickly by the Covian Army. This will be the first of many battles in a war that has long been awaited.

The first battle commences at Swaggers Inn!

Monday, 6th August 2018 - Army Replenished! Baronship Thrives!
Cove flourishes once more! Common folk work the land, taverns, inns and local businesses thrive. The town's humble church overflows at Sunday Mass and new drafts of recruits join the grand Covian Army daily.
As our great Baron Octiovus furthers Covian concerns, both at home and abroad, adventurers from all over the land rally to his call.

A Covian recruitment stall led by Captain Morana and Corporal Sanderson.

Wednesday, 1st August 2018 - Nujel'm Liberated!
Following another banquet at the Baron's Court, Lord Octiovus and Captain Raiden Morana set off to re-establish the Covian Navy. With the help of a Yewish Corsair, a new flagship, B.S.S. Smouldering Library (inside joke), was procured and a group of Covian soldiers took to the high seas.
Following a review of nautical charts, much consideration was given to the state of Nujel'm - a distant land with something of a Covian minority (the likes of Covian heroes Grief Dryfh Gry and Ahmed Al Maktoum hail from there). The Covian flagship quickly made its way to Nujel'm, overrunning its corrupt despot and liberating its people. Wonderful news! Or perhaps another bridge too far for our Baron?

Baron Octiovus speculates guardsmen Gry and Maktoum have been kidnapped..!

Thursday, 12th July 2018 - History Rewritten! Kaldorians Routed!
The horror of war engulfed Covian lands this eve, and it was only a re-enactment! Soldiers and spectators from Cove, Yew, Trinsic and even Vesper followed the narrative that journeyed through Altmere, Covianshire and finally Cove itself. The fighting was brutal but in good spirit, with all participants portraying their interpretations of both Covian and Kaldorian soldiers during the offensive that historically took place decades ago.

Cove is ready.

Three battles were recounted. The first battle saw Kaldorians attempt to destroy the Covian flag at Altmere Outpost, in which they were successful. The second battle had Covians and Kaldorians fighting it out for precious resource in Covianshire. Cove was proficient at this! And, finally, the third saw a battle of 'Capture and Hold' on and inside the protective Wall of Cove. This was a tough conflict, but Covian forces managed to snatch victory away from Kaldor. With two battles won, Cove was triumphant.
Fun was had and good lessons were learned. But, most importantly for the veteran leading the re-enactment, the fallen were remembered.

Sunday, 9th July 2018 - Training Steps UP!
After Corporal Kelly Sanderson announced her 'Training Tournament' last Sunday, training within the Covian Army has picked up substantially! Already there have been some interesting training styles including Covian Circuits with Guardsman Recruit Serj Eason, Formation Training with Officer Cadet Leanne Melior and Squad Fighting with Junior Guardsman Avalynn Vale! Muscles are being flexed, skills are being honed! The Covian Army is shaping up into the formidable force it once was!

The Covian squads prepare to clash at Junior Vale's training session!

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