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Monday, 18th June 2018 - "A Performance Masterpiece."
'THE RAGE OF RAAZ', a Covian story, had its opening performance this eve in Cove and received incredible reviews! There was humour, there was grief, there was performance. The theatre troupe known as 'Hoagie Theatrics' took to the stage with passion. With a script penned by none other than Cove's Commander Hoagie Grayner, the cast captured the essence of the play as if one had caught lightning in a bottle.

An open-air performance in Cove.

We are happy to report that the cast was a diverse one, with actors and actresses from across Britannia (not just Cove!). Amidst the tale of Orcs and DEATH, this subtext helps usher Covian theatre into the modern age. Word on the streets of Cove is that the play will be toured across Britannia in the near future..!

"A wonderful display of emotion!"
"A very poignant story that evokes ancient Covian pride and yet represents important challenges we face today."

Monday, 11th June 2018 - TIGER PANTSU! Champion Boxer!
The Britannian Boxing League, organised by Covian serf Leso Varen, kicked off tonight with tremendous impact! Many formidable boxers made their way to the Covian Barracks rooftop to battle it out but in the end there could only be one! Impressively dressed and with a persona that'll take a bite out of you, the new champ declared was TIGER PANTSU!

Leso announces Tiger Pantsu as the new Boxing Champion!

Saturday, 9th June 2018 - War approaches!
"Let it be known to all Covian citizens that the city of Vesper has conducted a grave series of misdeeds and provocations against our fair Baronship! Not content with allowing elves to attack the clergy on the Day of the Divine, the Vesperians sought to shackle Cove to a false treaty which allowed necromancers to roam free and Redguards to command Covians at whim!"
Quoted from the Covetowne Gazette.

Issue 1 from the recently reformed Covetown Gazette went on to confirm a bold mission led by Baron Octiovus saw Covian forces enter Vesperian territory and set fire to its Library. Thus, destroying this FALSE TREATY that Vesper had bound Cove to. An alliance has been drafted with the Guardsmen Militia of Yew and a new Elf Tax is soon to be ratified. We must watch our borders and be wary of a Vesperian response.

The Covian and Yew alliance marches to Vesper.

Thursday, 7th June 2018 - THE CHURCH RISES.
Sir Hugo, the renowned Templar Preceptor of the Covian Church, ushered forward a 'Day of the Divine' for Cove. Just last eve, both a pilgrimage and a construction effort were held. The former saw a sinner by the name of Sarah Walder cleansed of her deviant ways and redeemed in the eyes of the Church. And the latter, well.. let us say simply that the Church has returned in full force.

The Church indoctrinates its flock in the newly built chapel.

Friday, 1st June 2018 - Successful market reignites trade in Cove!
A wonderful market was arranged by Corporal Kelly Sanderson on Wednesday eve within the territory of the Baronship Household (for you foreigners, that's just a little north outside the walls of Cove!).

The market welcomed stalls selling food, armour and clothing from across the land!

Traders from across Britannia setup their stalls to peddle their wares and make a few coins. There were some concerns that the ongoing troubles in Altmere and surrounding Covetous would create a security risk, but the diligent Covian guardsmen on duty were happy to report no sight of gargoyle or undead this fine eve.
The market ended with some friendly games of bagball. Could this mean the infamous Covian Cougars, our fine bagball team of olde, are set to make a comeback?!

Bring back the Covian Cougars!

Monday, 28th May 2018 - Leadership of the Covian Army confirmed!
With great excitement t'was announced at the Covian Army's weekly parade that officers have been selected to lead the Baronship into its next age! Previously Captain, Hoagie Grayner has been confirmed as the new Commander of the Baron's forces. Commander Grayner made a name for himself in the now disbanded 4th Altmere Dragoons and also as Mercenary Sergeant when the Covian Army was contracted out as a private military company. Having been Captain within the Covian Army for some time, he has absolutely earned the esteemed position of Commander and most certainly the respect of the guardsmen. Cove cheers triumphantly for Hoagie! Good luck, Commander!
And in other news, the infamous Grenadier Ahmed Al Maktoum has been sighted in Cove! Who be next? Grief Dryfh Gry!? We can only hope!

Gathered Covian guardsmen discuss the news of the day.

The New Covian Army Officer Corps
Commander: Hoagie Grayner
Captain: Raiden Morana
Sergeant: Shadwell
Arcanist Corporal: Veldrin Ni'harel
Grenadier Corporal: Torrak Keres
Corporal: Kelly Sanderson

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