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December 03, 2021, 03:36:30 am
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Author Topic: [PR] The Spirit Of Cove ~ A Guide To Roleplaying Your Covian  (Read 1224 times)
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« on: July 06, 2018, 07:54:53 am »

The Spirit Of Cove!

This dour, backwater little town of ours has suffered much over the years. Occupation by orcs, Kaldor and Samurai. Constant threats to its borders from Vesper, Yew and the Guardian's spawn. Blights, plagues, famine, scandal and mass migrations. Yet Cove endures. And so do the hardy men and women that hack out an existence within its borders. Often a very bleak existence.

These hardy folk share many of the same traits and truly embody the 'Spirit of Cove'. Whether they be Covian by birth or have settled within the Baronship's borders, Cove's inhabitants have displayed this spirit and exhibited these traits, through years of toil, hardship and conflict.

Roleplaying A Covian.

Here's a few pointers to give you a feel for what it is to be a Covian:

- Covians are tough, hardy folk. From the humblest peasant, to our exalted Baron, Covians display an inner strength and grittiness befitting of the harsh environment they call home.

- Covians honour and respect their Baron. He is seen as a shining light in what is otherwise an often grim and bleak existence.

- Covians, for the most part, are faithful Avatarians, fearful of its Templars and wary of its churchmen.

- Covians have a keen mistrust of foreigners and non human races in particular. Whilst dwarves, elves and settlers from foreign lands are accepted within the Baronship, many are treated with scepticism and disdain, most notably, elves.

- Covians hate and persecute Drow, Orcs and Gargoyles. Their fear and hatred for such creatures borders on the murderous.

- Covians often direct their ire at arcanists too, believing that naught good can come of dabbling in spells and wytchery.

- Covians do not know when they are conquered, having thrown off the yoke of Kaldorian and Orcish occupations, as well as numerous attempts to be annexed by Vesper or ruled by the Royalist's 'king'.

- Covian nature is to rebel in the face of tyranny or injustice. Whether it be on the battlefield, bagball arena or tavern brawl, Covians fight to the last.

- Covians are a close-knit breed. They fight for the man at their side. They fight for their Baron and they fight for Cove.

- Covians often display a hearty and at times, dark sense of humour. Living in such a harsh environment and in such dangerous times, laughs are often at a premium, so whenever there is an opportunity to let their hair down and cut loose, Covians tend make the most of it.

A Low Fantasy Setting.

Hopefully this gives you a feel for what it is to be a Covian and we hope that these pointers also give you a feel for the low fantasy, almost grimdark environment that the Baronship of Cove embodies.

In BoC, we're not ones to take advantage of the coolest new skills if they have no place within the guild concept, nor are we going to sport neon hair, ride high fantasy mounts or use tainted/magical equipment.

It's often been said down the years that The Baronship Of Cove is like playing UO on the hard setting and we have always prided ourselves on having tremendous fun and sharing some wonderful roleplaying experiences whilst doing that!

Whether you are a new player or experienced RPer; new to BoC or an existing member, we hope that this little guide will help you rolelplay your Covian character and enthuse you to do so.

If you feel that your character is perhaps something of an outsider, the Command team is always happy to hear requests or to consider special character applications but we will always do what we feel upholds the Spirit of Cove, both IC and OOC.

If you have any further queries, check our rules page:

Retired Commander & Grenadier Captain.

Holder of The Richter Crest, The Baron's Cross, The Covian Seal (x2), Rage Of Raaz.

Veteran of The Kaldorian Line, First Minoc Campaign, Vesper Campaign, Yew Campaign, Second Minoc Campaign, The Border Wars, Vesperian Civil War & The Great Combine.

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