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January 25, 2022, 05:36:41 am
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Author Topic: [RTR] Imbuing  (Read 2023 times)
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« on: May 09, 2018, 09:23:02 am »

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 05/06/18 a community-wide imbuing RoE is being discussed with other guilds that may replace these rules. Feel free to follow these rules as written now, but I advise you not to spend a lot of money on imbues that you may have to remove until discussions with the other guilds are finalised.

Hello all, and welcome to the post about the first major Baronship RoE change in probably a decade. In the time since the Baronship's activity waned, things have changed a lot. The game and the rest of the community moved on. Dungeons that were once relatively easy are now prohibitively challenging, even with a group of guardsmen. Other guilds have embraced imbuing as a response to this, leading to a huge disparity between our equipment and theirs.

As regrettable as this situation is, the bigger crime now would be to allow our guild to fall behind. Unable to meaningfully participate in inter-guild conflict or dungeon crawling, we would be locked out of some of the primary activities that we have historically based our roleplay around.

As such, we have decided to allow for limited imbuing of equipment. Please read and understand these rules fully, as repeated warnings about wearing OOC equipment may result in demotion or removal from the guild. If you have any questions, please contact us on Discord.

Allowed Imbues


* Hit Point / Mana / Stamina Regeneration
* Hit Point / Mana / Stamina Increase
* Resists
* Lower Reagent / Mana Cost


* Lower Requirements
* Defence Chance Increase
* Durability


* Damage Increase
* Hit Chance Increase
* Balanced on bows only

Other Rules

* Mage armour may be used on bone helms only.
* Don't refer to it IC as imbuing. Even if we have to bend to accommodate the current state of the game, that doesn't mean we're a high fantasy guild. People should refer to it as armour polish, armour reinforcement, or basically anything that doesn't imply some magical power.
* No magic loot or artefacts, even if they are less powerful than what you would be able to imbue. This is just for consistency and to make it easier to tell at a glance who's breaking the rules or not.

Things That Aren't Rules, But Rather Heartfelt Requests

These things are totally unenforceable, so I won't bother referring to them as rules, but I'll like you more if you follow them.

* Obtain the ingredients needed for imbuing IN CHARACTER. I know it's 2018 and you all have non-RP alts with ten bajillion gold in the bank, and that's fine. However, obtaining some of the ingredients needed for imbuing is a great excuse for some hunts and patrols!
* If you're playing an elf, or concerned about eye strain, you may use the Night Sight imbue on a piece of jewelery. However, this is strongly discouraged as it's detrimental for RP.

The restrictions themselves are subject to change based on feedback and our own experiences going forwards, but we're striving to facilitate our involvement in the game beyond the Baronship without sacrificing the affordability, balance, or general in-character suitability of gear that we've always aimed to maintain. This means we still have a single RoE, which is to be followed 100% of the time. The Baronship of Cove is not a guild for part-time roleplay. We understand that these restrictions will still lock you out of some content, but a rookie guardsman from a backwater town is not supposed to be able to single-handedly slay dragons, demons and demi-gods. There is a tendency towards laxness when everybody is just coming out of hibernation, but moving forward we are going to be more strict in enforcing the rules of engagement to maintain the quality experience that's kept this guild in a treasured part of many hearts since its formation many years ago.



P.S. A huge thank you to those of you who have been active in game over the past few years, helping to shape our understanding of the issues around imbuing and its unfortunate necessity in unlocking a lot of the dungeons that were once easily trawlable in GM gear.
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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 07:55:35 am »

RoE: Imbuing

The new RoE is out, and with it, imbuing. It has been anticipated by many, but the GMs have come to a fitting solution.
BoC also allows imbuing, but for many, it is a grey area. Many do not know how it works, so this guide should help you.


Main ingredients:

Next to jewels, there are three main ingredients to even start imbuing.
  • Magical Residue: Gathered by unraveling weak magical items. Used for low imbues such as Resists
  • Enchanted Essence: Gathered by unraveling minor magical items and an imbuing skill of at least 45. Used for medium imbues such as Hit Point Regeneration
  • Relic Fragment: Gathered by unraveling major and greater artifacts and at least 90.1 imbuing. Used for strong imbues such as Lower Mana Cost.

Ingredients for high intensity

To imbue an item with the highest intensity, there are next to jewels and the main ingredients other items needed for imbuing. Only a handful are needed for imbues according to our RoE. These are:
  • Seed of Renewal: Gathered by gardening and as loot from the Mini Champ Cavern of the Discarded. Used for max intensity HPR, MR and SR
  • Luminescent Funghi: Gathered by GM lumberjack randomly. Used for max intensity HPI, MI and SI
  • Boura Pelt: Gathered by slaying aggressive Highland Bouras and occasionally on Lowland Bouras. Used for max intensity Resist buffs
  • Faery Dust: Gathered by slaying faerys, wisps and faery dragons in the Abyss. Used for max intensity LRC
  • Essence of Order: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Fire Temple Ruins. Used for max intensity LMC
  • Bottle of Ichor: Gathered by slaying Wolf Spider and Sentinel Spider. Used for Night Sight
  • Powdered Iron: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Cavern of the Discarded or made by Elder Smiths. Used for Durability
  • Elven Fletchling: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Cavern of the Discarded or made by Elder Fletchers. Used for Lower Requirement
  • Essence of Singularity: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Passage of Tears. Used for DCI
  • Crystal Shards: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Cavern of the Discarded or rare while lumberjacking in Ter Mur. Used for DI
  • Essence of Balance: Gathered as loot from ratmen spawns in the Mini Champ Cavern of the Discarded. Used for Balanced
  • Essence of Precision: Gathered as loot from the Mini Champ Crimson Veins. Used for HCI

Note that these additional ingredients are usually only needed for max intensity imbuing, not on lower intensity, with the exception of Night Sight and Balanced. They always need additional ingredients.

Imbues explained

  • Hit Point Regeneration (HPR): Self explanatory. No cap known. Max intensity per gear is 2
  • Mana Regeneration (MR): Self explanatory. No cap known. Max intensity per gear is 2
  • Stamina Regeneration (SR): Self explanatory. Caps at 24 (including the SR you get from Focus!). Max intensity per gear is 3
  • Hit Point Increase (HPI): Self explanatory. No cap known. Max intensity per gear is 5
  • Mana Increase (MI): Self explanatory. No cap known. Max intensity per gear is 8
  • Stamina Increase (SI): Self explanatory. No cap known. Max intensity per gear is 8
  • All Resists: Self explanatory. Most resists cap at 70. Max intensity varies per armor from 15 to 21
  • Lower Reagent Cost (LRC): Lets you cast without using reagents, including tithe cost for Chivalry. There is no cap, but more than 100 is useless. Max intensity per gear is 20
  • Lower Mana Cost (LMC): Use any spell or special attack at the cost of less mana. Measured in %. Caps at 40. Max intensity per gear is 8
  • Night Sight: You're under the effect of Night Sight as long as you have the item with the property equipped
  • Durability: Increased the default durability of a shield. Max intensity per gear is 100
  • Lower Requirements: Lowers the needed Strength to use a shield. Measured in %. Max intensity per gear is 100
  • Defense Chance Increase (DCI): Increases the percentage of successfully parrying with a shield. Caps at 45. Max intensity per shield is 15
  • Damage Increase (DI): Increases the attack power of a weapon by %. No cap known. Max intensity per weapon is 50
  • Balanced: Ability to use potions while having a 2-handed weapon equipped (only allowed on bows and crossbows!)
  • Hit Chance Increase (HCI): Increases the chance to successfully hit in %. Caps at 45. Max intensity per close combat weapon is 15, per ranged weapon 25

Planning your suit:

While the options for weapons and shields aren't that difficult, planning out the armor can be a bit tricky. For one, you can only add 5 different imbues onto a gear, this includes buffing resists. Also, every imbue has a certain weight. That weight can never be higher than 500 for exceptional crafted items. You wish to choose not max intensity for a certain imbue, but then again on another.

A torso armor may look like this:

Furthermore, keep the caps in mind. For example, max intensity per gear for LMC is 8, it caps at 40. You have 6 pieces of gear in total, so you only need 5 of them with max intensity. Adding it again on the 6th piece is a waste of material and imbuing space.

You may plan your suits here:

Additional infos:

Stamina is often seen as useless. However, many do not know, that the attack speed and hit chance does not come from dexterity, but from the stamina you currently have. You may have noticed, that you attack and hit almost never when you are close to death and on low stamina.

1 HPR / MR / SR equals about 0.05 of the respective stat per second

Don't forget to focus on resists. But try to buff only ONE resist per gear, as you need the imbuing space for other properties. You should focus to have 60-70 resist in all

A crafter that is GM in Arms Lore gives by default 40 DI. This already counts as an item property. A imbuer can raise it up to 50

You may wonder why only ranged weapons are allowed to have Balanced on their weapons. The answer is simple: Fighters with a bow or crossbow need to stand still to attack, while melee attackers can just run towards the enemy

And why is the max intensity in HCI for bows 10% higher than for melee weapons? Again, the answer is simple: Because an archer can never wear a shield (except with the balanced property. But using a bow AND a shield at the same time is dumb and you should feel ashamed). Most people that use a shield also have parrying and therefor a higher base DCI, which makes it hard for archers to hit these people otherwise

And lastly: 120 Imbuing is almost mandatory to make the best out of it. Because, the more weight already put on a gear via imbuing, the harder it gets to successfully imbue it further. Even with 120 imbuing, the fifth property usually only has a chance of 11-13% to succeed.

Currently known players with 120 imbuing in BoC: Kelly Sanderson, Leanne Melior, Jassi Cowin

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