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Author Topic: [RTR] Lords & Villains: The Covian Citizenship System  (Read 3354 times)
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« on: October 27, 2006, 03:04:56 pm »

A noble clad in velvet rides by astride his white charger, his personal huntsmaster ahead and his herald not far behind. He is one of the the Lords of Cove, nobles risen to positions of power by the Baron to rule and administer the provinces of Cove as they see fit. Their power is vast, entitled to their own Household and showered in all the luxuries that peasants could only dream of. They answer only to the Baron - and sometimes to each other, living lives of decadence and intrigue.  

Yet in Covetowne itself, in a shady, pipe smoke filled tavern a hooded man shoots you a devious grin. "So, tired of herding sheep for a livin', kid? I got a way that'll make you richer much quicker. Just stick with me." His words are punctuated by the sound of dice clattering on the table, the faint smell of nightshade in the air, the groans of an unfortunate patron being accosted outside. The Covian underworld is a dangerous but profitable place for those who dare to join its ranks.

Hail noble reader! Want to climb the ranks of Covian society? This is your guide on how to do it! All civilians who have just received their papers enter the Baronship with the title of Commoner! From there, it is up to you how you earn your way in the world! Will you work for one of Cove's many businesses? Will you seek your fortune in the underworld? Or will you strike your own path? The choice is yours!

To start your assent to the luxurious life of a noble, you are going to need wealth! And in Cove, all wealth is measured in shillings: an out of game currency awarded for writing reports, attending events, running events and working for the many employers of Cove. To attain a new level of status you must acquire enough shillings to buy the right to use it as well as completing the requirements of each level. The costs are listed below! Every citizen is required to keep track of the shillings they acquire and the reports and events they attend, by creating a thread on the Citizen Administration Board.

Citizen Titles:

Commoner (entry and default title)

Citizen (200 shillings, entitled to vote in Covian elections for mayor)

- Lead one cultural event (for example a market, mining expedition, craft workshop or otherwise)

Burgher (500 shillings, may pay shillings of their own to other players as a wage)

- Lead three cultural events

- Complete a total of five reports, diaries, journals or other community posts

Patrician: (750 shillings, may ride mounts)

- Lead four cultural events

- Complete a total of seven reports, diaries, journals or other community posts

Noble (1000 shillings, may set tasks that reward shillings without having to own those shillings themselves)

- Documents of nobility are handled at the request of the Baron and will take into consider the whole history of your play, character suitability, general activity

- Run 10 cultural events

- Complete a total of 20 reports


In addition to titles, shillings can be spent on licenses - which grant citizens the ability to bare arms, ride mounts, and more! Citizens may attempt these activities without licenses, but the punishments if caught can be severe. Local guardsman will impose fines, imprisonment, or even torture to repeat offenders!


- Leather: 100 Shillings
- Chain and plate: 200 Shillings
- Imbues up to RoE standard: 200 Shillings


All citizens are entitled to use bows and 'simple' weapons such as pitchforks, clubs, daggers and butchers knives.

License to bare arms: 100 Shillings


Right to ride a horse: 500 Shillings and must be hold the rank of Patrician


License for witchcraft: 200 Shillings (subject to Church approval)

Blackmarket licenses:

Those choosing the path of a nefarious rogue may have their licenses paid for by the Covian Trading Company, but they must be sought out and what they demand in return is unknown.


Can shillings be lost, as well as gained? Shillings can be lost via fines and other punishments.

Can shillings be transferred? Are they account or character specific? Shillings can be transferred to another character, but both characters must make a note of this in their admin profile. Shilling transfers of over 100 must be approved by a command member. All shillings belong to the character, not the player - so if your character dies or is deleted, the shillings are lost!

I had shillings and titles under the old system! Do I still have them? Shillings earned under the old system are now no longer valid, but certain players have had their titles "grandfathered." Please contact an officer to find out more.
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