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December 03, 2021, 03:27:04 am
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Author Topic: Until duty calls again...  (Read 1835 times)
Leanne Martin
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« on: April 13, 2019, 06:33:58 pm »

Leanne stood silently at a window in her manor, gazing upon the plains of Altmere, which was drowned in a crescent moonlight. The usual stern look switched for a peaceful smile and a spark in her eye. Thoughts and memories went through her mind, of all she experienced during her time in Cove. The many people that had passed, the friends who became lovers, as well as those who she once called enemy.

Serj Easons passing was a while ago. And while she still felt sad about that loss, she did no longer thirst for vengeance. What good would it do?, she thought to herself. Leanne's life was always accompanied by bloodshed. Violence only causes more violence, she knew that. Serj would be remembered for as long as she'd live. By her, Ilyana, and many more.

Even though this Ilyana wasn't "hers", she loved her as if she'd be. And even though she recently caused an explosion with one of her many experiments with Pickles, which resulted in a hole in one of the plaster walls, she'd never trade her again. Ilyana came over the loss of Serj. She still cried sometimes in the night tho.

As for Pickles, she finally seemed to be that joyful self again she was so many seasons ago, wearing her famous jingle hat more often than not. Leanne still loved her deeply. She already went through the abyss more than once protecting that green haired arcanist with her amber eyes, and Leanne knew, Pickles would do the same for her.

One man she once called an enemy was Declan O'Conner. These days however, passed. Even Hoagie, one of the few souls she was able to call a friend, was found to be visiting Leanne at her house every now and then. And all of them found to be laughing, eating and drinking all together in happiness. It was an odd sight to see this always grumpy, bald man grinning. But Leanne valued every moment among her closest friends and family.

Leanne had seen a lot in her time of duty. She lived long enough to become the leading huntress in the Huntsmaster score who was still alive, became an Officer for a period of time and was a veteran who came out alive of many battles.

She hanged her old bow, which accompanied her on many adventures on the wall, gave it a final pat, as her wife called her for bed. "Until duty calls us again, old friend." One last time she glanced out the window and thought of the many memories to come. But for now, she enjoyed the peace in the North. And all else, is a story for another day...


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