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November 13, 2018, 07:05:22 pm
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 on: Today at 05:15:56 pm 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Leanne Martin-Melior
*Leanne smirked as she took a glance over Serj's report, eying the already prepared scetches and papers to write her own*

Well! Good summary young Eason! Allow me to add some notes myself.

Round One:

Team Red prepared an ambush and won with ease, even with the Captain asleep for almost the whole time. Team Green was not prepared for Falconheart's fast legs and my toxic arrows.

Round Two:

Team Green were now the ambushers but were yet again unable to deal with the tactical superiority of Team Green, ending in total win for Team Green with no one falling.

Round Three:

Teams were newly arranged and it started to become more even. Redguards De Blaze and Reg were able to hold out against the salve of arrows and sword strikes of young Eason, ending in a victory for the Vesperians.

Shire Ruins:

With teams yet again mixed, it was De Blaze, Carolin and myself against Falconheart, Eason and Reg. As an ambush should be, they attacked before we were able to prepare ourselves and thus took down Carolin and myself quickly.

Final Battle:

De Blaze making place for Garrofi, it was once again my teams time to attack the Ruins. Although mostly consisting of melee fighters, Team Eason barricaded themselves in the ruins which made it easy for Carolin and myself to take them out from a safe distance. Once they realized their mistakes, it was already too late and Garrofi took care of Reg who was standing as last person.

 on: Today at 09:25:36 am 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Serj Eason
When: 7.30pm GMT
Where: Meet at Barracks
Bring: Combat Gear!

To supplement the patrolling rota later in the eve, I will be constructing an outpost just outside the Covian graveyard at 7.30pm to facilitate the Building Base Watchman’s Duty.

At 8pm, we will engage the Undead at the Covian Graveyard. It was identified in a patrol earlier in the week that the Undead have completely overrun the Graveyard and are beginning to spill into the Covian Shire. Using the fortified position constructed, we will advance upon the Graveyard and see justice done! The rest of Covian Shire will then be secured.

Serj Eason, Watchman
Covian Army

 on: November 12, 2018, 10:41:55 pm 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Serj Eason
Serj packed his combat gear away in the Barracks. It had been a hard week. Five patrols completed; two more to go to complete Captain Morana's gruelling challenge of tightening security around Cove.
What Serj had seen on these patrols had weakened his resolve somewhat. Sometimes there were too few guardsmen on duty to make the country safe. Other times, the Covian soldiers were bested by a stronger enemy. However, on his way from the Barracks to Cove he happened upon a deer.
The deer looked calmly at Serj. It had not been caught and eaten by an orc or another wandering monster. It did not seem startled or flustered. Serj walked up to the deer, which still did not move. A fine meal, he thought. But, instead, he smiled at the deer - and he let it live.

Cove was becoming safer.

 on: November 12, 2018, 10:30:09 pm 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Serj Eason
As part of my rota I had scheduled a patrol to Orc Fort for this eve, but a raven was received from Vesper inviting us to attend a Joint Training Exercise. An excellent opportunity to work on relations with our former enemy and also to learn of their strengths (and weaknesses) should we ever fight them on the battlefield again..!

In Attendance
Esca Flowne, Redguard Commander (Leading)
Rimeny De Blaze, Redguard Captain
Reg, Fireband
Garrofi, Fireband
Raiden Morana, Captain
Leanne Martin-Melior, Regular Scout
Falconheart, Junior Grenadier
Serj Eason, Watchman
Carolin Kazami, Commoner

Training Notes
* We were split into two teams, Green and Red. Commander Esca Flowne had one team ambush the other as they advanced up the road to Cove. We had several attempts at this, with interesting results both sides.
* Various combinations of attacks were utilised - although none could defeat the punishing teamwork of Captain Rimeny and Firebrand Reg (A.K.A. KALDORIAN BASTARD). They were well drilled soldiers.
* We finished the session with a simple defence exercise, with teams alternating.
* A fine co-operative between Cove and Vesper! And, afterwards, the Vesperians kindly assisted me with my Orc Fort patrol.

Serj Eason, Watchman
Covian Army

 on: November 12, 2018, 10:17:29 pm 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Serj Eason
Patrol of the Orc Fort - 9.30pm, Monday 12th November 2018

Fifth patrol complete!

In Attendance
Serj Eason, Watchman (Squad Leader)
Leanne Martin-Melior, Regular Scout
Carolin Kazami, Commoner
Rimeny De Blaze, Redguard Captain
Reg, Firebrand
Garrofi, Firebrand
Another.. mysterious Vesperian dressed in blue and black

Patrol Notes
* After an exhausting training session led by Redguard Commander Esca Flowne, the Vesperians were kind enough to accompany us Covians on a patrol to the Orc Fort as scheduled in the rota. We completed a forced march from the Vesperian border.
* A sea of Red and Tan assaulted, with the Orcs struck by the swiftness and severity of the attack.
* Before they knew what was happening it had already happened. FOR THE NORTH!
* On returning to Swaggers Inn to thank the Vesperians for their aid, it was revealed that one of them was a former Kaldorian soldier. I could not contain my outrage.. A murdering bastard is allowed to walk freely. I took my leave. This will not stand.

Serj Eason, Watchman
Covian Army

 on: November 12, 2018, 12:04:33 pm 
Started by Axiana - Last post by Axiana
The Vesper Leg of Axiana's Jousting Tournament Hosted by Rimeny De Blaze

When:- 8pm GMT Monday 26th November 2018

Where:- Outside of Swaggers Inn

Who:- Everyone Invited

 on: November 12, 2018, 11:50:58 am 
Started by Axiana - Last post by Axiana
The last time she had seen her lover he had acted in a cool, cold manner towards her, and she realized with certainty that the affair was over between them.  Understandably things had been kept quiet in public, the church would have frowned upon it and Axiana would have been shamed.  Axiana was a married woman after all, even if her husband had been missing for many years.  Perhaps her lover had realized the impossibleness of the situation or had had his fun and now moved on.  Either way she had accepted it, she did not regret it.  She was moving forward with her life.

Axiana rode through the eastern forest towards Vesper, her hair flying out behind her in the breeze.  The autumn leaves covering the ground rustled as the horse's hooves relentlessly hit them.  She felt exhilarated and happy, she loved to ride.

"I'm looking for a Mr De Blaze?  We arranged to meet here!", she asked one of the Vesperian punters who was seated beside Carolin outside the Swaggers Inn.  The Vesperian lady pointed upwards towards the doors of the inn.

She recognized him as soon as she entered the Inn (from the previous Jousting Tournament).  "Mr De Blaze!  A pleasure.  Shall we discuss the arrangements of the upcoming Jousting Tournament that is to be held here?"

After the arrangements had been made she joined the remaining punters in Swaggers for a few drinks.  Time past and a few drinks became a few too many!  Amoungst the punters were Mischief (whom she had previously been advised not to speak with again) and Ayseh, a Vesperian woman, whom she had met at the Cardinal Feather the night before.  Ayseh offered Axiana an odourless liquid in a vial encouraging her to drink it in order to Sober her up. Axiana took the vial and held it in her hands staring at it bleary eyed.  Mischief leaned in and took the vial to examine it, and giving Ayseh a horrified look threw the vial on the ground "Poison?"

(OOC:- This event has been arranged for the 26th November.  Anyone wishing to participate should contact either Rimeny De Blaze or Eve/Axiana on discord at their earliest opportunity./OOC)

 on: November 11, 2018, 11:20:10 pm 
Started by Raiden Morana - Last post by Serj Eason
Not sure what to make of this, sir. But I think I did what ye needed doing.
REPORT: Exploring Other Lands - A Dream..?

Serj Eason, Exploring Watchman
Covian Army

 on: November 11, 2018, 11:18:56 pm 
Started by Serj Eason - Last post by Serj Eason
I must have fallen asleep. I went to grab my armour, but it was nay there. I could only find a ragtag assortment of garb, so I dressed myself like one of those Exploring Officers. I set off on recruitment operations. Captain Morana had always talked of recruitment and how we must keep up with the initiative.

I ventured first to Britain, but it seemed strange.. AND BUSY. I left my banners around as per usual, but everything seemed off. I went to New Haven and was offered food by someone from a guild I did not recognise.
I ran out of banners so I went to the Provisioners to buy more supplies, only to be told that I had insufficient funds. EH? I had received my pay from the Baronship coffers.. I had plenty!

I decided to venture back to Cove to see what had gone wrong with my payroll. But to my horror.. it had changed! Strange statues rested just outside the Covian gates. And in place of the Barracks was a large castle! I happened upon a tombstone marked 'Tiffany Moon', Mayor of Cove. Mayor of Cove? We hadn't had a Mayor in years!

I heard a noise. Monsters. They set upon me. I was weak. Weaker than I ever had been before. I tried to parry their blows, but I could nay. T'was as if all skill had left me. I ran to the end of llama point. With no cloth to construct a banner, I dropped my recruitment book.


I drew my sword.. a katana of all things..!? And I fought.. and fell.

Then I woke up.

Serj Eason, Watchman
Covian Army

- 10 banners placed on Atlantic Shard at 18.30pm Atlantic Time.

 on: November 11, 2018, 10:27:12 pm 
Started by Darek Milako - Last post by Serj Eason
As it isn't quite the season for picnics, I took to arranging a Soup Kitchen for the locals of Cove.

In Attendance
Serj Eason
Kelly Sanderson
Ilyana Drachen
Carolin Kazami
'Logan The Beggar'
'A Chef'

Soup and bread was provided for all guests, courtesy of Miss Axiana Masteen. We talked, told stories and sang songs.
T'was nice.

The kitchen was setup in a quiet meadow outside Cove.

Sergeant Sanderson tells a story.

Watchman Eason recites "Lost In Love" by Regular Guardsman Nicholi Ravnthorn.

A classic.

With the kitchen packed away, the reporting begins.

Serj Eason, Watchman
Covian Army

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