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May 22, 2018, 12:17:49 am
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 on: May 21, 2018, 09:33:28 pm 
Started by Gregor Eason - Last post by Kelly Sanderson
I've found the colour that best suits the uniform for the boots is the dakest of the 'Brown' section on the Special Dye Tub.
The colour of the boots from the cobbler are not the same as they were previously.

 on: May 21, 2018, 09:26:36 pm 
Started by Kelly Sanderson - Last post by Kelly Sanderson
Armour off lads!
Time for a gruelling session.
Not for the faint hearted.

Kelly Sanderson, Senior Guardsmen

 on: May 21, 2018, 09:21:44 pm 
Started by Keitaro Kazami - Last post by Kelly Sanderson
I told you all you can knock together a sentry in ten minutes.

Damn fine work, and a grand report.

Kelly Sanderson, Senior Guardsman

 on: May 21, 2018, 04:17:05 pm 
Started by Gregor Eason - Last post by Gregor Eason
Being Covian - An OOC Marketing Campaign
Hi guys. So Ive been chatting with the other Command doods and I thought this might be a nice approach to open our community up to some folks who may have never tried roleplaying or even playing UO before. With Endless Journey we could see a whole new batch of roleplayers join the community so I thought revealing the roleplayers behind our characters would be cool.

Below is a background of mahself! It would be great to hear about how you guys found yourselves living in Cove in this thread, and to share these stories with the rest of the online world.

Whilst this campaign will begin here on our OOC Board, I have intentions of pushing a few bios out on social media so if you would prefer not to have your bio promoted please make this clear. However, I will check in with you if your bio is selected before publicising it.

I look forward to hearing your stories. Please feel free to use the questions I used, or if youd prefer to take a different approach then by all means go for it Smiley

Whats your name and where are you from?
Surya Bajracharya. Im originally from London but now live in Norfolk with my wife. My crazy name is Nepalese in origin but I am also half-Irish.

Which character(s) do you roleplay in Cove?
I roleplay Gregor Eason, a former officer of Cove. I also have his grandson Serj Eason, a recent recruit to the Covian Army, as well as a few other small-time characters.

Where did your character name originate from?
Gregor just came out of nowhere but Eason was the surname of a soldier I was trained by at the British Armys training base in Pirbright. Corporal Eason. One hell of a soldier. He was one of those inspirational 'Band of Brothers' types. Very skilled and tough, but also laid back and happy to help out recruits when they were struggling. In one instance, we were tabbing (marching hard with full equipment). A recruit from another platoon was struggling and he gave him words of encouragement, real fighting talk, to get up a hill. After the recruit dusted the hill he turned to me and said.. You can push. You can pull. Or you can motivate. And then he just wandered off. I was a TA soldier so the training was only brief but it was packed with gems of wisdom from this guy.

When and why did you start playing UO?
I started playing in 1999 after reading an article in PC Gamer (or was it PC Zone..). I was 14 and my Mum didnt want me to play the game initially so I emailed the writer of the PC Gamer article asking him to convince her. The guy sent me an email back that I could pass to my Mum. I dont have the email now, nor can I remember exactly what was written but I do remember how he said hed made wonderful friends in the game and it was definitely an adventure worth going on.

When and why did you join BoC?
I joined BoC in November 2004, just a few months after training with Corporal Eason. I dont even remember how I was playing UO at that time. I think life had slowed down a little and I wanted a creative outlet. I had previously been an active roleplayer in the Crossroads of Yew community from 2000 until 2003 but between 2003 and 2004 I was heavily invested in my A Levels. And so I rocked up to find Cove occupied by an Orc horde (part of an EM-led storyline EM, Event Management, Event Moderator?) and Baron Octiovus in need of soldiers.

Whats your fondest BoC memory?
There are so many to choose from. But I must admit Ive always been a small story kind of guy, so it would have to be when I crafted a short murder plot in Cove. I wanted it to be as freeform as possible so I produced a dead body in Cove and roleplayed some suspects during an hour when other characters would be wandering within the town. However, the guardsmen took no notice. Apparently they were too geared up for war and didnt consider a town murder to be important..! The only people interested were two Citizen characters, Jemmy the Rat (a teenager who occasionally dabbled in low-level crime) and Dellamona (a peaceful cook). I ended up playing out the story-line for these 2 roleplayers, bringing in clues and other characters. They managed to solve the case in the end. The murderer was found and they alerted the guardsmen, who had previously been aloof to the plot. The suspect resisted arrest violently and ended up being killed by the guardsmen, but justice was done. The 2 roleplayers absolutely loved this story that was interactive and crafted for them, much in the way a DM would design a D&D game although this DM was faceless and unknown. I ended up logging on with Gregor Eason, who was at the time a high ranking officer in the Covian Army, and held a small ceremony to recognise the efforts of Jemmy and Dellamona when the rest of Cove ignored this incident. It was during this ceremony that Jemmy emoted something I will never forget..
*beams with pride*
It was at that point I realised we were all building something incredible together.

What was the most interesting roleplaying experience you engaged in?
Since returning, I have recently been roleplaying my character Gregor as suffering from the early onset of dementia. I KNOW. Its deep and incredibly emotional territory, so I need to make sure I am sensitive to those who have friends and family that suffer from dementia. For the other roleplayers, it is something quite unusual to engage with. Whilst BoC and roleplaying in general is a lot about escapism, it is also a platform for experimenting with ideas and emotions. Just like any good drama it does put a mirror up and makes us think wow, what would I do in this situation? And I guess, through roleplaying, you get to test those scenarios out sorta vicariously through your characters.

Why would you recommend roleplaying to someone, and on Ultima Online?
I would say have a quick read of our Roleplaying section and then dive in. You dont need to join the guild straight away to roleplay and with Endless Journey UO now has a sustainable free-to-play model. There are also other wonderful guilds on Europa (and other shards too!), like the Guardsmen Militia and the Vesper community. OR if youd prefer just to have a little chat with some of the other players visit our Discord channel (we typically only text chat on here).

Roleplaying is a wonderful way to completely change how you game. UOs mechanics are ancient but with a layer of intrigue created by wonderful characters and fresh story it transforms into an experience that is timeless. Furthermore, having played lots of other MMOs, there is something about UO that just makes it right for roleplaying. Maybe its the slightly angled top-down view you have as a player its like a storybook that you can interact with and watch unfold. Despite efforts in other MMO worlds (although Im sure there is plenty of roleplay out there), none have ever captured me like roleplaying in UO. And perhaps none ever will.


 on: May 21, 2018, 01:17:33 pm 
Started by Kelly Sanderson - Last post by Jassi Cowin
The traitor known as Tingleith is no longer my apprentice.

*signed very badly*

*Jassi Cowin*

 on: May 21, 2018, 12:36:51 pm 
Started by Hoagie - Last post by Hoagie
*A mysterious man individually approaches the Scouts in the dead of night, hands them a crumpled note, and hurries away without speaking. It is very obviously Hoagie in disguise.*

Target: Sergeant Shadwell's horse.
Reason: Against regulation.

* Eats apples.
* Hooves.
* Mane.
* Big horsey eyes.
* Usually located beneath Sergeant Shadwell.

 on: May 21, 2018, 11:28:56 am 
Started by Manuel Calavera - Last post by Manuel Calavera
After a long and loong journey a ship approached the Cove harbor and Manny step-out from the boat and breath the Cove's air again.

 on: May 21, 2018, 06:30:33 am 
Started by Pickles - Last post by Pickles
-Ting, ting, ting.- Rattled through the night, the light jingle jangle of an overly colorful, omnipresent, Jester hat announced the movement's of Cove's brightest and happiest Arcanist. A cool wind rustled through the trees, on an already dank, rainy night, it wasn't a pleasant addition. A shiver of the spine, minuscule hairs standing on end on the back of the woman's neck. Something was telling her to turn. Turn left? Why would she turn left? She wasn't heading toward Altmere. There was nothing left on the coast but the old Arcanist tower.

But she did as her gut demanded, she turned left, following her way up the coast line until she saw the sad 'structure' of the long abandoned Arcanist Tower. It was a sad sight, almost unbearable. The foundation crumbling, wood rotting, vines creeping over every surface. Termites having a feast upon the floor boards. Mother nature was reclaiming it's land, day by day, the legacy of Covian Magic, and untold knowledge rotting into mulch.

The Shadow clad woman marched forward, Mud brown boots splashing into murky puddles. A hesitant step upwards, climbing the step up toward the front door of what she once called home. -Creeeeaaaakkk!- The straining timbers barely holding the weight of the lithe woman. A shaky hand took hold of the handle at the front door. -Tug, Tug, Yank!- The off kilter door, half wedged in it's frame finally broke free. The final, rusty nail holding hinges to rotten wood breaking free. The weight of the door nearly dragging the little woman off her feet. "Bugger me!" came the angered squeal of the green haired lady.

Stepping inside was no better than then inspection from the exterior. The fetid smell of mold, and rotting wood ravishes her senses, nearly bringing the woman to a coughing fit. Tying a bandanna around her nose and mouth she ventured forth. Coming to her old desk, she paused a moment. Was it truly hers anymore? Was it Bersi's Was it Ilyana's? A heavy sigh rumbled through her chest as she circled around the dusty desk, settling into a waterlogged chair. It too groaned under her meager weight. The dampness seeping into her kilt.

Her brow furrowed as she propped her elbow against the desk, using it as a stand for her chin. "I thought Abigail saved this place.. vanished it, using the Blackrock." She clucked her tongue lightly and gave a little shake of her head. "It would take three, at least, for that spell to have a permanence. It probably dissipated after a few years..." The ex-officer commented to herself.

A tome lay in front of her, water logged and rotten. A shaky hand reaching out and slowly opening it. The first half of the tome's pages fused together in a pulpy mess. It opened to the center, a page reading: Arcanist Roster. That same shaky hand reaches up and pulled her omnipresent jester hat off. -Ting, gling, ting!- It rattled, as she used it to scrub her face before tossing it across the acrid room.  The following page read:

Ilyana - Deceased.
Bersi - Missing in action, presumed dead.
Celuvian Haap - Missing in action, presumed dead.
Kas Valentine - Missing in action, presumed dead.
Jack Sinist - Missing in action, presumed dead.
Mercy - Active.
Abigail Keres - Active.
Thomas Aylamer - Active.

New water stains began to appear on the page below her. It wasn't the missing shingles blown off from the hurricane, it was from her. Teardrop raining down on the all ready water soaked page. "I failed them, I abandoned them!' The woman exclaimed to no one. A fierce swipe of the hand sent tomes, scrolls, and herbs flying. Her head crashed down to the stone table, her shoulder slumping. A quiet sob rang out for a mere moment. She lifted her head, snatched her Jester hat up and bellowed to the wilds "Never again!"

 on: May 21, 2018, 05:33:32 am 
Started by Keitaro Kazami - Last post by Raiden Morana
Grand report Keitaro.

Another show of Covian might!


Raiden Morana, Senior Guardsman.

 on: May 21, 2018, 12:04:52 am 
Started by Keitaro Kazami - Last post by Keitaro Kazami
Led By:
Baron Octiovus Von Ritcher

Attended By:
Jassi Cowin, Regular Guardsmen
Keitaro Kazami, Regular Guardsmen
Hoagie, Captain
Raiden Morana, Senior Guardsmen
Crowgrieve, Guardsmen Recruit
Tsykiyomi Mori, Junior Guardsmen
Rook, Watchmen
Raven, Regular Grenadier
Serj Eason. Guardsmen Recuit
Leanne Melior, Junior Guardsmen(Officer Cadet)
Keane Wakefield, Scout Captain(Senior Scout)
Delcarakdur, Regular Grenadier
Kelly Sanderson, Senior Guardsmen
Ludwik Bloodaxe, Junior Guardsmen
Marcus Kobra, Regular Guardsmen
Pickles, Regular Arcanist
Tinglesworth, Guardsmen Recruit(Redguard Recruit)

Various Yewish and Vesperains

                  Kelly had us start out about 15 minutes till Parade time setting up and manning a Sentry outside the Barracks. The Baron showed up we fell in line then marches our way up to the Parade Grounds. Where we had a rousing game of PROMOTION OR DEMOTION!? and Boo Vesperains and other elf from Vesper. Of which Keane Wakefield got Demoted! for falling asleep at his post for what can be discribed for years! Leanne Melior got a PROMOTION! from Junior Guardsmen straight to Officer Cadet! For relentless sentry building and general Pip! Raven got The Ritcher Crest! For his stearling work in the field of punishing dogs and orphans who have defied the Baronship! Tinglesworth got a massive DEMOTION!! for joining the Vesperain Redguard. He is hearby BANISHED from Cove for life! Next we went to Luna to recruit! Was semi eventful. Then New Haven which a new covain(Sarah Walder) got Flogged! Then Pickles shows back up and gets her badge back. Afterwards she gates us back to the barracks and we are dismissed from the parade but had a hunt to attend to afterwards lead by Delcarakdur.


Keitaro Kazami, Regular Guardsmen

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