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August 19, 2018, 05:44:54 am
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 on: Today at 03:03:20 am 
Started by Octiovus - Last post by Octiovus



 on: Today at 01:01:43 am 
Started by Tingleith - Last post by Tingleith
*a page ruined with the smeared ink caused by tears *
I often carry the outward facade of a homicidal maniac who dreams of nothing but betrayal and blood, In a sense I thrive on the benefits it brings the ability to distance myself from fellow guardsman and keep from falling into the trap known as "friendship" for I swore after the death of dear garshinkle that I'd never care for another as long as I live the emotional strain of losing them is just too much to handle.

Yet I regress into a state of forming bonds with others only to have myself rejected by them from my past transgressions a curse that could be a disguised blessing but still it hurts.

I find within myself that I'm slowly confronting the daemons that have haunted me for so long from a childhood of slavery and torture, certainly I'll never be a well rounded individual but perhaps rather than fleeing from emotions and pain I should challenge them head on, honestly seeking counsel on the matters may be best but alas cove isn't exactly renowned for it's mental health care yet i still feel it could be worth getting off my chest to someone more experienced on these matters mayhaps doctor kobra.

It seems I plundered myself into a grave mistake by angering that wytch senior arcanist drachen lass which is a conflict only time will reveal its consequence as I really don't want to swing my axe at a superior officer but if the situation occurs I won't hesitate to cut her down if she doesn't burn me to a cinder first, let's hope she has a poor memory....

On the flip side I met a lovely young recruit called gwen who seems to be adamant on chasing the covian dream of becoming a grenadier all power to the lass and I'll try my best to aid her where I can in her aspirations as she resonates as what I could have been would it have not been for my past.

Signed, Chelly Rothsmire "Tingleith", Untrusted Watchman

 on: August 18, 2018, 10:47:55 pm 
Started by Marcus Kobra - Last post by Marcus Kobra
Evening Whitcomb,

     So yer want to learn how to be a medic, and yer eyeballing the Grenadiers. Well lets see that mettle.

1. Yer will gather up 500 bandages and have them placed into the stores.

2. Lead a trophy hunt to the Ethereal Fortress in Ilshenar and claim two heads of the winged guardians there! A minimum of 4 Guardsmen must assist ye. Collect 10,000 gold coins for the coffers. As a show of yer personal greatness, you shall have your trophy preserved and offer it as a gift to the Baron.

3. Show off yer current knowledge of healing by writing a brief report of you practicing what yer know. Perhaps gather some other Guardsmen and demonstrate!

All tasks are to include a full report with sketches posted bellow.
Seek me out when these are finished for your next tasks!


Marcus Kobra, Officer Cadet, Baron's Own, Army of Cove

 on: August 18, 2018, 10:27:17 pm 
Started by Marcus Kobra - Last post by Marcus Kobra

Baron Octiovus Von Richter
Officer Cadet, Marcus Kobra
Officer Cadet, Cailin Keres
Regular Grenadier, Gimbly
Junior Grenadier, Avalynn Vale
Junior Grenadier, Keitaro Kazami
Junior Saerandir "Sally", Hopeful
(Untrusted) Watchman, Tingleith, Hopeful
Recruit Gwen Whitcomb, Hopeful

     I gathered most at the barracks and when they were rallied up, Keres led us to the townhall. I admit the hall hadn't occured to me as a meeting place but it served perfectly and the Grenadiers took one side of the table with the Baron, and the hopefuls took the other. The hopefuls were grilled and asked to tell a bit about themselves.

Sally performed most amiably and it was decided he would receive trials after eating potentially poisoned confections offered by the Baron. Over all a grand show of his willingness to protect the Baron.

Gwen Whitcomb, I had hoped she'd show a bit more fire but sat rather quiet and failed to make much impression on the Baron. Shes only a recruit however so hopefully we can coax something out of her.

Tingleith, the problem child of the army, wild as feral cats and about as loyal as a squirrel. Though she stimulated the Baron's humour and over all seems eager, it will be a long time before she could be trusted with matters of the Baron's personal security or even the overall security of Cove itself.

The meeting continued with talk about the sole dedication of Grenadiers to the Baron. Evidenced by the fact most have never been married or have been woefully divorced. Just not a lot of room in a life sworn to the Baron.

After a bit more discussion regarding reflexes etc, we dismissed the hopefuls and moved on to private Grenadier matters.


Marcus Kobra, Officer Cadet, Baron's Own, Army of Cove

 on: August 18, 2018, 04:35:04 pm 
Started by Tingleith - Last post by Tingleith

Signed , Tingleith , Untrusted Watchman

 on: August 18, 2018, 03:14:01 pm 
Started by Gwen Whitcomb - Last post by Gwen Whitcomb
When: 18th August 2018, afternoon
What: Killin' orcs and stealin' their coins
  • Tingleith, Untrusted Watchman
  • Gwen Whitcomb, Guardsman Recruit

So I had just been strollin' around near the barracks when I encountered Miss Tingleith. I introduced myself to her, and she did the same. However, she seemed very disturbed by me callin' her Ma'am.

So I offered her to accompany me at the orc fort. As some may know, I clobbed' some orcs before I enlisted the army, so I still find myself often goin' there.

With Miss Tingleith around, we cut and smashed our ways through the fort, findin' all kinds of different and weird things. Once arrivin' at the south, a huge and massive orc attacked us. However, after a few stabs and smashes to the kneecaps, it fell and very earth beneath us shook.

Once we arrived at the pier, we went back to the entry, where we were expected by yet another three of these giant orcs. They must have been angry tha' we killed their friends, because they went straight towards us. However, we did not fail and thus, claimed another grand victory for Cove.

Back at the barracks, Miss Tingleith kept her share of 10.000 coins, while I donated mine.

Watchman Tingleith and Recruit Whitcomb showin' orcs who's boss!

Gwen Whitcomb, Guardsman Recruit

 on: August 18, 2018, 11:42:07 am 
Started by Leanne Melior - Last post by Leanne Melior
Ilyana took all her courage to meet with Danayl in the late hours, in a place that she still disliked.

It was not the time to fight though, instead Ilyana spoke out her compassion to the situation with the squire - and to offer her help against the undead menace. For her it was obvious that the undead were the biggest threat Cove, no, all of Sosaria, would face if their powers and strength would go unchecked and untreated.

And Ilyana was glad to hear that she and Danaeyl had something to agree on.

*a letter sent to the church for the eyes of Danaeyl*


As we spoke, I went to the Lycaeum in Moonglow to find out more about the magic use of the Arisen.
For further knowledge, I'd need a more practical investigation on them, but I am able to share with you what I already was able to gather...

As we spoke, the Arisen have an unnatural ability to recover. And as I already told you, this seems to be the case because they suck out the life of their surroundings. Fighting them many years back, I had noticed that grass, flowers and small animals die near their presence. The case for this seems to be on a dark magic we call Spirit Speak. Those that use this foul magic suck the life force of something else to channel it and heal their own wounds.
While it is no threat to people like us, it certainly does not help our cause, as then, no matter how often we "kill" the Arisen, they just come back to life.

Furthermore, the Arisen use common arcane magic as I use it. Perhaps some of them were once magicians? What troubles me more though is, that there are some among them who use spells of the dark art known as Necromancy. Our troops have only little experience fighting this kind of magic, which seems to be the reason why especially our younger soldiers seem to have so much trouble fighting them.

There are many dark spells classified under that kind of magic, of which most are used to weaken the opponent. Whenever one is hit with such a spell, it is best to stay defensive and not charge into an attack, as the dark powers will get them injured or killed.

But as I wrote you before, I'd need to see their magic myself to get a deeper knowledge.

I am awaiting your response whenever you are ready and advice you to be careful.

Kind regards,

Ilyana Drachen, Senior Arcanist

 on: August 18, 2018, 11:27:22 am 
Started by Sheriam Palmer - Last post by Leanne Melior
Good report, Palmer. It was a most dangerous quest to search for new blood, and we encountered many mute, deaf and flat out crazy people.

I'm sure tho we showed once more the Covian presence is still strong and thus, our glorious name of the Baronship will draw in more people.

Leanne Melior, Regular Scout

 on: August 18, 2018, 12:03:52 am 
Started by Tingleith - Last post by Tingleith
Teams of 2 guardsman (any rank)
You are to build the most glorious sentry + recruitment banner or either you can dream up
Attach you're paintings to this notice
There will be a prize for the best teams submission
(250k gold each)
(ooc: The time limit is by 8pm BST 19th August 2018)
Packhorse allowed
Resources must be hand obtained
Any location

Signed, Tingleith Untrusted Watchman

 on: August 17, 2018, 11:20:16 pm 
Started by Joaquin Quincil - Last post by Pickles
Very good work, Recruit. As Promised, you may count that toward a Guardsman Duty, for all that 'dirty work'.

One Guardsman Duty awarded.

Elizabeth "Pickles" Martin
Arcanist Corporal.

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