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December 03, 2021, 05:00:20 am
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Author Topic: [RTR] BoC Rules  (Read 4838 times)
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« on: August 03, 2010, 12:47:33 am »

Hi everyone,

For a while now, the rules listed on the guild website have been slightly out of date. Additionally, there has been some vagueness in the way the rules were written that has caused misunderstandings at various points. To remedy this, I have rewritten the rules, including rules that come from the fairly recently implemented community RoE. I apologise for any misunderstandings caused.

You guys are all good at knowing and following the rules, so think of this post more as an investment in clarity. If there are any problems with these rules as written (though I've done my best to make sure they're correct and up to date), let me know.

~ For reference, here's the communitywide RoE.
~ In any instance where our ruleset contradicts the community RoE, our rules take precedence.

Basic Conduct

~ Use common sense, and respect your fellow roleplayer.
~ Stay In Character (IC) at all times.
~ All Out Of Character (OOC) talk is to be kept to party chat or Discord/ICQ.
~ Limit the use of Guildchat to announcing events or important information. Too much background chatter is detrimental to good RP.
~ All complaints, grievances or any other issues must be forwarded to BoC Leaders. Do NOT take matters into your own hands.
~ You must have your [BoC] tag and title showing at all times.
~ Recalling must be done off screen from other players, and outside roleplay towns.
~ No OOC abusive language or insults, either to members of other guilds or our own.
~ Give warning before attacking another character to ensure they are logged in.
~ Do not force people to PvP; always give an alternative (such as being taken prisoner or fleeing).
~ From the other side, if you do not wish to engage in PvP, it is wise to comply to your attacker's demands or run away. Don't stand defiantly insulting them and then complain when they attack you.
~ Check with Guild Leaders before attacking enemy territories (especially with 5 or more men) so that you do not disrupt anything important.
~ Carry a Yellow bag with goodies such as gems and gold, so they can be looted and stolen! Hah!

General Rules

~ Mounts are forbidden, unless specifically allowed by rank. These ranks are:
  • Baron
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Steward
  • Templars
  • Exploring Officer
  • Patricians (with the appropriate licence)
  • Nobles (with the appropriate license)
~ No non-horse mounts.
~ Mounts are not allowed in PvP.
~ You may NOT use Area of Effect spells or fields.
~ You may NOT cast Summons.

Item Related Rules

~ No magic/runic jewellery, armour, or weapons at any time.
~ No talismans except the Friends of the Library Token and Talisman of the Fey are allowed.
~ All stealable consumables are forbidden in PvP. These include but are not limited to balms, lotions, etc.
~ All quivers except for the Despicable Quiver and Quiver of Infinity are allowed, but must be appropriately dyed to match uniform or other attire.
~ You may only use bows crafted with regular wood.

Skill Related Rules

There are several restricted skills in [BoC]. Unless you have special dispensation, such as having filled out a Special Character Application, the following rules apply:

~ Alchemy:
  • Members of the Grenadier Squad may use explosion/conflagration potions with no Alchemy skill required.
  • Members of the Arcanist Squad who have 70.0 alchemy or above can use Lesser/Greater Explosion potions.
~ Archery:
  • Archers may not use the Lightning special attack.
  • Scouts with at least 70.0 poisoning may use the Serpent Arrow special attack.
~ Imbuing:
~ Mysticism:
  • Restricted to members of the Arcane Company.
  • May be granted to members of the Grenadiers or Scouts upon completion of a trial set by an active Arcanist user of the skill.
  • The following Mysticism skills are not allowed:
    • Nether Cyclone
    • Rising Colossus
    • Hail Storm
    • Spell Plague
    • Mass Sleep
    • Animated Weapon
    • Enchant
    • Stone Form
~ Ninjitsu:
  • Restricted to members of the Light Company.
  • Animal Form may not be used under any circumstances unless the character is permanently in that form, e.g. RPing a guard dog.
~ Poisoning:
  • Restricted to members of the Light Company who have 70.0 or more skill.
  • Parasiting and Darkglow poisons are not allowed.
~ Spellweaving:
  • Restricted to members of the Arcane Company.
  • The following Spellweaving skills are allowed:
    • Arcane Circle
    • Gift of Renewal
    • Word of Death
    • Gift of Life
    • Attunement
    • Arcane Empowerment
~ Taming:
  • Tamers may use either two 1 slot pets or a single 2 slot imp in PvP.
  • If a tamer is knocked in a battle he is no longer able to give commands to his creatures.
  • If a pet is knocked in battle it may not rejoin for 30 minutes.
  • Leather Wolves and Vollems are forbidden in rp-pvp.

~ The following skills are banned outright:
  • Bushido.
  • Necromancy.
  • Spirit Speak.

Combat Rules

~ NO looting, except from the Yellow Bag!
~ If you are knocked unconscious (killed) In Character, then you are injured and MUST keep the deathrobe on for thirty minutes, and cannot take any further part in the battle for that time.
~ Robed/injured characters may NOT be attacked.
~ NPC Healers and the Bank inside town are PvP neutral areas; no fighting is allowed there.
~ Make sure fallen characters (enemies too) are resurrected and allowed to loot their bodies.
~ An attack on Enemy territory is only allowed under supervision of a Regular Guardsman or above.
~ If you are knocked out in a battle, you may NOT log in your alternative character and continue fighting.

Assassination Rules

~ Assassins should always make sure their victim is not afk before attacking.
~ Should the assassination fail, the victim may not be targeted again for 24 hours. Failure of an assassination can be classified as:
  • The assassin failing to drop the target and retreating.
  • The victim fleeing the scene and avoiding defeat.
  • The victim defeating the assassin.

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