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Author Topic: [RTR] Community Rules of Engagement (CRoE)  (Read 1515 times)
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« on: July 18, 2018, 11:46:36 am »

Community Rules of Engagement (RoE)​

First and foremost, please be advised that our own guild rules are to be adhered to and referred to before any of the below.

Rules Of Conduct​

~ Please use common sense and consideration for other players at all times.
~ No obscene language or use of OOC (Out Of Character) insults will be permitted.
~ Stay in character at all times.
~ No Name/Guild tag reading. You must learn someone’s name and what guild they are from in game. For example you might know someone is part of a certain army if they are wearing uniform but you would need to learn their name.
~ Do not use OOC information in game on your character. Your character only knows what he/she learns in game through roleplay, not what someone told you on ICQ or Discord unless it’s a roleplay message delivered by raven.
~ DO NOT use the leave house function inside a player house to escape. You can’t just magically teleport out of a building.
~ Do not power-emote other players without their consent.
~ Guild abbreviations or guild title must be visible at all times.
~ If there is any complaint, grievance, or other issue with a player or guild, it must be dealt with between the respective GMs.
~ If you are recalling or gating in to or out of a role play town or area please do so discreetly. (like behind a building or tree)
    Please note: The city of Trinsic is considered In Character to have an enchantment over it which distorts travel spells, therefore any travel to or from Trinsic must be done outside of its walls.

Battle/Fighting Rules​

In General​:

~  Try to ensure members are not AFK and are willing to enter into a fight before engaging. There are many alternatives to knocking someone out if it is clear they do not wish to partake in combat - use them. (e.g. take them prisoner, allow to flee, give a warning etcetera.)
~ If you are knocked in battle, you must wear a death robe for 30 minutes. You may not rejoin the fight.
~ If you do not wish to be taken prisoner it is advised you vacate the area.
~ No abusing server lines in combat.
~ The use of ‘alts’ in a battle is forbidden. Once knocked you may not rejoin the fight on any character.
~ Those wearing death robes are considered to be ‘casualties of war’ you may not attack them.
~ Mounts are permitted in battles or fights if it is at consent of involved parties.


~ ALL Artifacts are forbidden. This includes minors, majors, champ, peerless, tokuno and player crafted artifacts.
~ ALL Talismans are forbidden.
~ ALL magic jewelry is forbidden including imbued jewels.
~ ALL magic monster looted equipment is forbidden.
~ ALL Library Rewards and Clean up Rewards are forbidden.
~ Archers may use EITHER a bow crafted from special wood types OR a quiver apart from Quiver of Infinity or Despicable Quiver.
~ GM Crafted armour/clothing imbued with magic properties is permitted with the following mods allowed:

- Health, mana and stamina regeneration.
- Hit point, mana and stamina increase.
- All resists.
- Lower reagent cost and lower mana cost.
- Night sight.
- Mage Armour

~ GM Crafted shields imbued with magic properties are permitted with the following mods allowed:

- Durability
- Lower requirements
- Defense chance Increase

~ GM Crafted weapons imbued with magic properties are permitted with the following mods allowed:

- Damage Increase.
- Hit Chance Increase.
- Balanced is allowed on Bows but forbidden on melee weapons.


~ All stealable balms and lotions are forbidden.
~ All Eodon/Time of legends craftable potions are forbidden.

At times GMs may arrange alternative rules between one another. If such takes place you will be alerted. However, in all other occasions the rules apply exactly as they are written.

Combat related rules apply to RP-PvP only, not to PvM or non-PvP RP. In other words, if you want to use parasitic poison against an ogre, or have a cu-sidhe following you around in town, that's fine. Just don't do it in combat.

Boat Specific:​

Following rules apply for private and guild specific boats taking part in roleplay.

Naming Conventions:

~ Ships need to have their associated guild as suffix. Example: The Nightingale - Vesper or The Wrath Of Scalis - Vesper Trading Company
~ If the guild name does not fit in please use the guild tag as alternative. Example: The Blackbird [VTC]

Ship Access:

~ Any ship needs to have its common access rule set to “Passenger”. This ensures that anyone can board the ships at anytime.
~ Any other permission settings of the ships are at the guilds/ship owners discretion.
~ If you intend to search the boat’s hold, repsectively allow it to be search, you can use the individual players context menu to grant according access temporarily. Searching ships must be done on OOC consent of all involved parties.

Ship Battle:

~ During battle at sea you are only allowed to enter the enemy’s ship when it shows damage (visually).
~ Since classic boats do not bear such feature, it is only allowed to board those after the crew surrenders or is unconscious.
~ Ships are not allowed to be looted at any time except it is predefined by the roleplay scenario you implement. Like capturing a specific piece of cargo for example.

Weapon/Skill Class Restrictions​:


~ Mages are limited to one summoned creature at a time; these may not include demons, blade spirits or energy vortexes.
~ Mages are allowed 1 summoned elemental in battles IF agreed upon between the leadership of either side. These may NOT include demons, blade spirits or energy vortexes.
~ All Area of Effect spells are forbidden in PvP.


~ The use of Lightning Strike is forbidden.


~ You may not animate a revenant.
~ Area of Effect Spells are forbidden in PvP such as poison strike.


~ Banned Dryad Allure Pets include Cave Troll, Hungry Ogre, Orc Brutes, Ogre Lords, Titans, Cyclops, Meer Eternal, Troglodyte, Meer Mage and Named Monsters. (There are a couple of powerful named ones you can get from some dungeons which are a big no no.)
~ Forbidden Spells: Thunderstorm, Wildfire, Essence of Wind.
~ You may only summon one nature’s fury if you do not already have a Dryad Allured pet in play.


~ Forbidden Spells: Rising Colossus, Cleansing winds, Mass Sleep, Animated Weapon, Nether Cyclone.


~ Holy Light spell is forbidden.


~ Characters must have poisoning in order to use infectious strike on their characters. They must be able to apply the poisons themselves to use them.


~ The use of a different form (by Polymorph, Animal Form, Equipable Morphing Items and so forth) is allowed as long as the character is permanently staying in that form. Playing a guard dog for example.
~ Shapeshifter roleplay characters must be cleared with GM.

Tamers and Pets​

~ Tamers may only use up to Two 1 control slot pets in battle.
~ If a tamer is knocked in a battle he is no longer able to give commands to his creatures.
~ If a pet is knocked in battle it may not rejoin for 30 minutes.
~ If a pet is knocked in battle the tamer may not rejoin with a secondary pet.

Tinker Craftables​

~ You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Golem in battle.
~ You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Clockwork Scorpion in battle.
~ Leather Wolves, Vollems and Kotl Automations are forbidden.


You may have skill masteries active for the passive bonuses but the use of all skill mastery abilities are forbidden, with following the exceptions:

~ Archery: Flaming Shot
~ Swordsmanship: Onslaught
~ Mace Fighting: Stagger
~ Wrestling: All
~ Parrying: Shield Bash
~ Necromancy: Command Undead - limited to following pets:


Two of the following undead: Skeleton, Zombie, Spectral Spellbinder, Ghoul, wraith, Shade, Spectre, Gore Fiend, Putrid Undead Guardian


One of the following undead: Flesh Golem, Bone/Skeletal Knight, Bone/Skeletal Mage, Mummy

If you have any questions regarding the updated Rules of Engagement, please contact a member of the Command Team.

Last Update to the Rules of Engagement: 12th June 2018
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