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Covetowne is a mostly residential area, housing the working class. It features many large business opportunities with the mineral rich Glenmore mountains looming over, and the equally lucrative docks. The residents of Cove proper tend to be common folk, speaking quickly, clearly and most of all, loudly. They are the stereotypical hardy commoners, and something about the tight packed residential area inspires a sense of opportunism within them. If there's a coin to be made, a resident of Cove proper won't be far from it.

The Baronship Household:

The Household is the nerve centre of the Covian empire. It houses all the highly important headquarters of government and is also where the Baron resides. It is the epicenter of culture and politics; and the place from where all major decisions are taken. People who are born within the Household are few, but those that are tend to be high born nobles or merchants. The people of the Household have a generally disdainful attitude towards the Covian peasantry and especially outsiders. Household residents tend to speak with a clear cut high born accent, usually using full words and a vibrant vocabulary, much to the irritation of other Covians.

The Glenmore Highlands:

The Glenmore mountains are bleak, dominating, Craggy rock spires. The jut out from the ground and claim the Covian skyline as their own. On their flank dwells the Covian orc fort, and this in combination with the poor soil and harsh weather mean that Glenmorians are few and far between. Since the demise of the 4th Glenmore Highlanders, the place has been all but abandoned. Only a handful of hard faced humorless mountainmen (and, it is rumored, a clan of Dwarves living within the bowels of the mountains) remain to try and carve out a living. They face a bleak existence, and their style of speech reflects that. Their words are guttural, and they make many odd sounds. In fashion, it is easy to tell a highlander as they are often clad in animal furs and adorned with numerous orc heads.


Covianshire is a rural place, sparesly populated, and what few people are there tend to interest themselves in cultivating the land by either farming or lumberjacking. They are country folk with country ways, and despise new technology and innovations. They are usually devout Avatarians and deeply distrust foreigners and anyone who isn't human. Ironically, Covianshire is also home to most of Cove's Elven population - the source of a great deal of conflict. They are certainly not an arcane folk, and often take it upon themselves to outcast anyone who has such a 'gift'. The people of Covianshire have a thick accent, speaking slowly and often emphasising certain parts of words, giving them a drawl.

Avaricia/The Mountains of Avarice:

Avaricia is rugged, mountainous region, populated chiefly by Minocian immigrants and natives of neighboring Covianshire. Avaricians are a tough folk, hardened by generations of mining. However, there is also a great deal of fear amongst the Avaricians - many years ago a disaster killed dozens of miners and left the caves now known as Covetous unusable. Folk tales tell of a buried citadel whose inhabitants were damned for eternity for their avaricious and proud ways.

East Altmere:

The wide and fertile plains of East Altmere provide a staggering 70% of Cove's agriculture, and contain at least a quarter of the population. The farmlands of the regions nearer to West Altmere are juxtaposed with the almost urban regions closer to the Covian Bay and Covianshire, and the inhabitants vary from roughneck Altmerian farmers and Covian nobility to Yewish and Britannian immigrant workers.

West Altmere:

West and East Altmere could scarcely be any more different. Indeed, it seems to many that the only thing they share is their name. While East Altmere is more densely populated, West Altmere has one of the lowest populations in the Baronship. This is, perhaps, because of the terrors that swarm out of the desert with alarming regularity, and the all-too-frequent Royalist incursions from across the river. West Altmere might at some time have had the potential to share in its Eastern sister's prosperity, but decades of near constant battering have left it a sparsely populated, impoverished, war-scorched wilderness.

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