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Armsmaster Tournament
Created by Sergeant Arc, the Armsmaster Tournament is a gruelling competition of weapons and tactics that takes place within Covian borders once a month. With strict armour rulings, and limited resources, Covian guardsmen and other able fighters battle it out to earn the title of Armsmaster Champion.

Now and again the Baronship sends or collects supplies on behalf of Cove. Naturally, the value of provisions lure in disreputable folk, and therefore Covian guardsmen often see to the escort of the caravan.

Patrols and Bounty Hunting
Whenever two or more guardsmen are together they may go on a patrol around Cove, Vesper, or Minoc to locate any criminals that are wanted, and to make sure that all is calm on the highway roads and in the city streets.

Hunts are held frequently by the Army, venturing to foreign lands and the most treacherous of places. These Hunts vary greatly in difficulty and length. The most famous Hunts have been lead by Captain Mavis, formerly of Lord Hendrake's Irregulars, who's experience and knowledge of both beast and land was vast.

Diplomatic Meetings
These meetings shall take place whenever there is a matter to be discussed. The Baron shall leave Cove with his advisor and an escort of Covian guards to discuss matters ranging from simple trade to all out war.

Council Meetings
When need arises, the Council members of Cove shall form together and discuss many issues. They shall also be available to answer any questions Covian citizens may have.

Army Training
Frequent training of the Army ensures effective competence and professionalism that is essential in a Covian guardsman. A regular training session will include working on fitness, orders, kit, formations, and basic fighting principles.

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