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After becoming Juniors, Covian guardsmen may choose to join a Squad. Squads are defined and select groups of guardsmen that are trained in a particular field, rigorously improving their ability and overall combat prowess. A Squad is usually lead by an officer (Sergeant or above), but this is not always necessary.
In the wide confusion of battle, these specialist Squads are renowned for having the required discipline and training to stick to their roles and see the battle fought effectively. They form the core of the Covian Army.

Current Squads

The 1st Baron's Own Grenadiers

The Baron's Own Grenadiers are the elite both melee and ranged units of the Covian Army. Specialising in both archery and close combat, these guardsmen excel in death from all angles, and provide the raw firepower that leads the Army to victory. They are tough, hardy, and dependable.
These guardsmen are also well known for their role in guarding the Baron of Cove himself, and are sometimes tasked with special errands from Lord Octiovus.

Uniform: Full Shadow Platemail, Shadow Heater Shield, Covian Cap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots, and Bronze Platemail Arms.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must successfully pass Grenadiers Selection.

The 2nd Light Company

The Light Company are the eyes and ears of the Covian Army. Silently, they ease through the lands of Britannia, providing the Army and the Baronship with critical intelligence on enemies (and allies). However, nay think these guardsmen are an easy ride. Light Company specialists are extremely well trained with the kryss, a fast and deadly weapon, and also have some knowledge in the art of poisoning.

Uniform: Full Green Horned Leather Jacket, Covian Cap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must pass Scouting Course.

Recommended Skills: Stealth, Hiding, Poisoning, and/or Ninjitsu.

The 6th Covian Arcanists

The Arcanists claim to be the brains of the Army, spending most of their time reading or studying spells and enchantments. Arcanists are a support role for the Army, powerful in both offence and defence, able to take either role as necessary. In battle, the Arcanists are often a primary target, and so they normally try to enter after the first strike, to avoid the first volley of attacks, in order to throw off the enemy's targetting, and mop up what is left what is left. Don't underestimate this squad because of the Arcanist's stature and the lack of the muscles of the Covian warriors, their powerful and well trained minds are to be feared.

Uniform: Black Leathers, Agapite Hued Arms and Gloves, Covian Cap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must pass Arcanist's Course.

Recommended Skills: Magery, Wrestling, Meditation, Evaluating Intelligence.

Disbanded Squads

The 3rd Glenmore Highlanders (DISBANDED)

The Glenmore Highlanders are the Army's heavy infantry, tough and harsh. The Highlanders are the backbone of any advance, though not always being in the fore of the attack. They are the “body” of the Army, as opposed to being the heavy firepower of the Grenadiers, or the full on charge of the Dragoons.
In character the Highlanders have very thick and gruff accents, and they are sticklers for discipline and order. They will not let even minor infringements of the rules go unpunished. They tend to either be completely devoid of a sense of humor, or have a rather bleak and twisted one. They value the fact they had no casualties over a great number of enemies slain.
Due to their heritage in the Glenmore Mountains, they are impervious to bad weather, and enjoy very strong drink, far stronger than the usual Sosarian spirits.
When envisaging these chaps in battle think about the slow moving 'blob' of soldiers. Making sure their brothers stay alive and avoid running off getting themselves or their brothers killed. Other squads can always retreat to their area to heal or they can push an enemy out of a region simply by moving in and refusing to budge.

Uniform: Full Shadow Platemail, Shadow Norse Helmet, Bronze Platemail Tunic, Bronze Heater Shield. Covian Cap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must complete Highlander Trials.

Recommended Skills: Parrying! Shields are a MUST!

The 4th Altmere Dragoons (DISBANDED)

The Altmere Dragoons are the mobile infantry of the Covian Army. Do NOT be mistaken. These chaps nay ride into battle atop their fine steeds. Their horses are but a method of transport, and thus enable the Dragoons to respond quickly to enemy movement, and relocate their position if and where necessary.
With their horse-riding skill, the Dragoons act also as messengers, their communication between forces providing an essential link, and a winning strategy over foreign armies.
In battle itself, the Dragoons act as skirmishers. Always on the move, these skilled combatants will be at the forefront of any charge, and will engage the Enemy on a hit and run basis.

Uniform: Iron Platemail Arms, Gloves, and Gorget. Shadow Chainmail Tunic, Trousers. Covian Cap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must pass Dragoon Trials.

The 5th Covian Navy (DISBANDED)

The original Covian Navy was founded over a decade ago by his Lordship, Baron Octiovus, and had initial success in mapping the islands around Cove and engaging and destroying many Orcish vessels.
However, during the Orcish occupation of Cove, the Navy was surrounded. And despite the valiant efforts of the Naval defenders, the entire fleet was sunk.
It is said the ghosts of those sailors killed by the Orcs now haunt the Covian docks.

Since then, there has been no official Covian Navy, but rather a loose collection of ships working to keep Orcish and pirate vessels out of Cove's water ways, and launching occasional mapping missions with limited success. However, the Baron has decided the time is nigh for Cove to rule the waves once more.

Uniform: Dyed Shadow Leather. Dyed Blue Sleeves, Gloves, and Gorget. Blue Skullcap, Covian Sash, Covian Kilt, Boots.

Requirements: Must be at least a Junior Guardsman. Must adhere to Sailor Requirements.

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