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The Good Will Of Sir Nicholas
A short story that took place during a hard Covian winter, leaving the Folk Tale House tavern without ale, and thus the season without merry.
However, the cunning of Sir Nicholas saw the drinks delivered, and the festive season saved!

The Commander's End
The tragic end of Cove's first Commander. Having been connected to supporting and coordinating efforts toward the Yew rebellion, the Guardsmen Militia crashed the Commander's retirement party in a rather soppy way.

The Kaldorian Conflict
Throughout the Kaldorian Conflict, various journals were kept by the Commander of the Cove Militia. A few jots and scribblings are all that remains, but the writing depicts the horror and brutality of the war against Kaldor.

The Orc Campaign
Cove's first and, arguably, greatest victory! During the early rising of the Baronship of Cove, its City was corrupted and occupied by a mass horde of Orcs.
For many months the Covian guardsmen battled this threat, and t'was not until a vast army marched from Britain, that Cove was liberated from its captor!

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