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There are key locations dotted throughout the Baronship lands and beyond, each holding unique value and reputation.

Army Barracks, Cove
The stronghold of the Covian Army. Here the Covian guardsmen are trained and prepared for the field. Guardsmen make frequent trips to the storeroom to replace lost equipment or get last minute repairs before heading off to duty. On the ground floor are the cells, where criminals and traitors are held before trial.

The Covian Church, Cove
The Covian Church has had an unsteady history. Many times it has been broken, and rebuilt. And at worst, it has suffered complete removal from the Covian community. However, it returns, more menacing than ever, there to instill discipline and fear to the good, hard working folk of Cove.

The Green Goblin, Cove
Cove's favourite tavern, run by none other than Hardened Guardsman Grief the Dryfh Gry. Check here for ale, music, and other complexities that ye may nay find on the open market.

Town Hall, Cove
The Town Hall is where all important diplomatic or internal matters are considered. The Covian Council, the Baron, and other community leaders may meet to discuss various matters of importance. All are free to attend and watch the discussions.

Orc Fort, Cove
The pit of Cove resides just around the mountain. For many ages an Orc force has positioned itself there, building high barricades and defences. The Covian Army regularly see to attacking this fort, but have never successfully been able to break the Orc presence there. At best, the Orcs remain confined to their taken land.

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