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Following the departure of the Baron, and that of the iron fisted Templar Sir Hugo, Covians rose in uproar against the corrupt and oppressive Church; sending it quickly on its way to the last branch of the Avatarian faith, Stonekeep.

The Church, sent on its way.

In this new age of Cove, Religion was nay longer a following. Supposedly greater insight had been given to that of Knowledge, and of Truth. In such days, the way of the Virtues and the path of Principle guided Covians in their every day lives.

Times have changed, once more..

Now the Church returns, darker and more sinister than ever before. It forms a menacing grasp of power over the Covian people, and beyond. The Baronship of Cove is, once again, an Avatarian community.

The Baronship of Cove follows the Avatari religion under guidance of a local Templi Order chapter that has established a Preceptory, governed by Father Siegfried.

The Templi are zealous warriors who have successfully, with the help of the Clergy, restored the faith amongst Cove's soldiery and citizenry, supposedly freeing them from the oppression of heretics and wytches.

If you are seeking to visit Cove, it is highly recommended you brush up on the Avatari.

OOC: Individuals who have Church characters, and those interested in joining the Church must know this document from cover-to-cover.

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