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There are a number of distinquished Honours a Covian guardsman may receive in his/her career. Each Honour is a tremendous feat and accomplishment, be it the Covian Cap, or the Armsmaster Champion Ribbon!
(Medals and Merits created by Officer Cadet Darath Mithar)
Holders of various Honours may be found at the Covian Hall Of Heroes.

The Covian Seal
A medal awarded for those players who are deemed to have stuck with the Baronship through good times and bad, and have a devout resolve to continue with the guild to the bitter end and not to share their playtime or commitment with other guilds or organizations. It displays a firm dedication to the guild.
* Can only be acquired for in game actions.

The Richter Crest
For acts above and beyond the call of duty, continued service and remaining true to the spirit of the Baronship through good times and bad.
* Can be acquired for both in game and out of character actions.

The Baron’s Cross
Adding immensely to Covian culture on several occasions as well as creating continued enjoyment from concepts that have been implemented to the full effect. This would not be awarded for merely thinking of an idea – you would have to see it implemented and worked well. Additionally it may be awarded for exceptional events such as expeditions, encompassing several days.
* Can be acquired for both in and out of game character actions.

The Baron's Golden Quill
A golden quill received for regular posting of news as Covian News Reporter, or the produce of remarkable and extensive literature on the Baronship Boards.
* A member has demonstrated a willingness to write detailed stories and reports consistently.
* A member has written prolonged stories on the boards and/or contributed to the website in news or lore.

Rage of Raaz
For continued combat prowess and tactical excellence. Not always awarded for PvP actions, but also good leadership of battles and roleplaying traits of ferocity and tactical excellence.
* A member has excelled on the field of combat, in leadership, tactics and fighting skill but not necessarily because they are good at PvP.
* A member has demonstrated tactical excellence not only on the battlefield but also through RP events such as training sessions and other lessons.

Order of Recruitment
For continuous and tireless recruitment of numerous members; as well as leading many recruitment parades and creating countless recruitment books, the Order of Recruitment is awarded.

Campaign Merits are commissioned by Baron Octiovus himself to recognise brave guardsmen and citizens of Cove who have served and fought during a large scale Campaign.

The Minoc Liberation Campaign

The Kaldorian Line Campaign
The Vesper Civil War Campaign

Huntmaster Citation
Awarded for leading legendary hunts and expeditions.
* Note: Citation is a small pipp on the sash.
* Rises from Third Class Huntmaster to Legendary Huntmaster.

Qualified Training Instructor
A certificate and citation received for tremendous efforts in training the Covian Guardsmen.

Armsmaster Champion Ribbon
A ribbon received for winning the legendary Armsmaster Tournament, and being heralded Champion amongst all other guardsmen.
* Note: Ribbon is tied around chest armour.

Order of Leadership
For the running of numerous events not always of a certain type; and seizing the initiative and creating spontaneous roleplay, the Order of Leadership is awarded.

Order of Distinction
For exceptional activity and event attendance the Order of distinction is awarded.

The Baron's Household Sash
The rare sash of the Baronship Household is a prized possession only worn by the Commander of the Covian Army.

The Covian Cap
The Cap was the first major achievement for a Covian guardsman. Having completed the Watchman's Trial, the guardsman would be honoured both with being promoted to Junior Guardsman and receiving this coveted headdress.

The Covian Staple Belt
The Staple Belt is received following completion of Junior's Trial, and promotion to Regular Guardsman. It signifies the hard work and committment of the soldier, and is a sight bestowed by all.

Officer's Commission Staff
On reaching the "true" officer ranks (Captain or Commander), the guardsman receives his/her Commission Staff; a constant reminder of the few who are privileged to claim such a position of authority over others.

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