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The Baronship of Cove plays host to a magnificent culture, filled with glorious tellings of adventure and mystery. These Legends and Tales are set aside for the reading. Might thy mind be intrigued.

Baron Octivous - The Baron was born from an old family within Cove, and was appointed to rule by the Baron Twothumb himself. He controls through a combination of fear and propaganda, and has big plans for Cove. He is a tough man and is able to defend himself well, contrary to the many stereotypical nobles and wealthy citizens that live in the nearby area. The Baron shares a close friendship with his advisor, Daelin.

Daelin (Missing) - Daelin is the Baron's advisor, but he is not all he seems to be; rumours are that it was he who murdered the Baron's father. He carries an aura of Evil around with him, and it will almost certainly become apparent soon what role he shall play in the story of Cove.

Gregor Eason - Former Commander of the armed forces of the Baronship, the Cove Militia (now the Covian Army), Gregor Eason heralded from a military and educated background. During the Orc Campaign, he showed a considerable zeal toward defeating the unwelcome occupants of Cove, and saw through many conflicts with the Militia across Trinsic, Vesper, and Yew.
Having endured a hard career, Eason was set to retire. However, following an accusation made by the Guardsmen Militia that Eason had been involved in the Yew Rebellion of recent days, the former Commander went underground - faking his own death and disappearing for a number of months.

Former Commander Gregor Eason unites the North, prior to his downfall.

He returned to find the Baronship in a state of disrepair, as Baron Octiovus, along with a number of prominent Covians, had deserted Cove. It was during this time Eason took his place again as Commander, and, with the help of the remaining Covian people, saw the spirit of the Baronship rekindled. New Allies were made, as well as Enemies.
Yet the Officer nay lingered. A vicious conflict with the Yew Militia to the West saw an unforgiving defeat set upon the Cove Militia, with Commander Gregor Eason at its helm. Many Covian lives were lost, and blaming himself for the fatal loss.. Eason resigned the Baron's Commission, and retired into the forests; only to return when he was needed once more.

The Black Wizard - No one knows the origin or details of "The Black Wizard" for certain. The peasants tell their children that he is a wytch that shall take them away and cook them in a cauldron if they do not behave. The scholars of Cove seem to believe he is either some sort of spirit or even daemon that plagues the Covian outskirts.
Whatever he is, his legend has remained in the hearts of locals for many an age, causing fright in them as they walk through the darkened woods of Cove. The Militia Command seems to believe he is somehow affiliated with the Bloodeye Orc Tribe, for he is mentioned by them as a diety of worship...

Hrothgar De'Mar (Deceased) - The veteran of veterans, former Captain Hrothgar De'Mar had served longer then any man, woman or half-breed ever recorded in the Covian Army. Serving three separate rulers and watching Cove grow from a poor tradeport into a flourishing empire, Hrothgar took on any challenge with what some called bravery, but others labelled pure madness.
The old man had gained several friends and family over his years but his list of enemies was even longer, holding behind his back a long background of torturing and killing; therefore earning him quite alot of people who wanted him harm.
Despite some of his cruel acts over the years, Hrothgar was also famed for good things such as personally training his soldiers one on one; his apprentices being known to reach Sergeant positions, and even Commander. Hrothgar was also known as the Baron's first bodyguard, the founder and First Grenadier of the Baron's Own Grenadiers.
Hrothgar De'Mar was tragically murdered on a routine patrol in the Cove Docks district.

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