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In the absence of an absolute decree from the Baron, decisions in Cove are made by the Covian Council. The council is made up of representatives from each part of the community, ensuring that all Covian citizens are properly represented in their views and needs.

The Steward
The nominal head of the council, the Steward represents the citizens of Cove. Elections for the position of Steward are held whenever a new one is called for, and it is the Steward's job to oversee the day to day running of Cove, and keep in touch with the citizens of Cove, providing the proper channel for them to make their views heard.

The Commander
The commander of the Covian Army is its leader, and has full power over it. His is the highest rank that a soldier can attain, and holds a great deal of responsibility. He represents the interests of military in the council, and ensures the safety of Cove through defending Cove’s standpoint in any international relations, by diplomacy and, if necessary, military action.

The Bailiff
A position originally created by the Baron of Cove, though now likely to become a Council appointee. The Bailiff is tasked with advising the Council on matters involving tariffs and taxes, as well as organizing and overseeing the collection and enforcement of such.

The Bishop
The arbitrarily appointed head of the Avatarian Church of Cove, in charge of representing and promoting the interests of the Church and Avatar within Cove and the Council, as well as advising the Council on spiritual matters and ensuring that Cove does not stray from the path of virtue and light.

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