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Creating a Character

While not mandatory, creating a new character for The Baronship of Cove is encouraged. New and existing characters must abide by our character creation rules.

Character Creation Rules

  1. Names must be appropriate for our low fantasy setting. "Geoffry Morana" is a good name, while "SirKiLlalot" is not.
  2. Names must not be lifted from mainstream media. If the name is not entirely original, we reserve final judgement on whether it is sufficiently obscure.
  3. Characters must not have excessively bright or neon hair. Non-natural colours are strongly discouraged without proper justification.
  4. Skills must comply with the rules outlined here.
  5. Humans and elves only! Cove is not a friendly place for the evil races such as orcs, drow and undead. Nor do they look kindly upon Gargoyles, regarding them as a strange corruption.
  6. Mondain's Legacy elves are allowed, but are limited.

Beyond This...

Beyond this, character creation is up to the player, and mostly common sense. No self respecting citizen of Cove is going to have pink hair, or a bright green neon mohawk hairstyle.
After creating a character, you must consider another important factor; his or her personality! Try and make your character unique, and visualise how he or she would look in the real world. Also, consider any family he or she may have.
Regarding skills, try and choose those that are true to your character. Even if you are a Militia guard and going for a standard warrior's template, if you have a spare skill points why not spend it on fishing and add another dimension to your character's personality, as well as having something else to do when no one else is on.

On completion of the character creation process, contact must be made to one of the Baronship Command via our dedicated Discord channel.

Please refer to the Contacts page on how best to go about contacting one of Command.

Prior to meeting a member of Command, all potentials must read carefully through the entire Baronship tome and pay particular attention to the Roleplaying Guide and OOC Rules pages. Ye will be tested on ANY and ALL features of the tome, and made to swear the Oath.

"I, <Your Name> hereby swear loyalty to the Army, Baron Octiovus and Cove. I swear to follow all orders without question or contest and to defend and uphold the laws and customs of Cove, whilst fulfilling my duties to the best of my abilities and living my life true to the Covian way."

Welcome to The Baronship Of Cove!

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