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Cove has a wide variety of positions to suit everyone's style of roleplay, from the lowest peasant to the highest Captain of the Baron's armed forces. They are all united in their common goals; to survive and to prosper.

What is Roleplay?
Roleplaying is a particular form of gaming that adds spice and intrigue to the simple pixels and mechanics of our world based in Ultima Online. As a player, you interact and perform the traits and personality of your chosen character; be it a tough and disciplined guardsman, or a cocky and resourceful rogue.
It is important to remember that when you are roleplaying your character that nothing affect "you" (the player), other than enjoyment. Far too many times players rush out into the roleplaying world, and take things that happen to their characters "personally". You're not roleplaying if you're taking it personally.
Roleplay is indeed a mature form of gaming, and whoever you meet in this realm of adventure you will always respect them OOC (Out Of Character); we are, after all, "just friends" gaming together.

Covian Traits
These are a few traits and characteristics that Covians have developed following the Orc occupation of their town and the full recovery accomplished by the Baronship.

* Covians, even peasants, are hardy and tough.
* Covians respect and honour the Baron.
* Covians are faithful Avatarians once more!
* Covians accept Dwarves, Elves, and some other creatures.
* Covians hate and persecute Drow.

For a more detailed guide on Covian traits and characteristics, please read Captain Raiden Morana's excellent 'Spirit of Cove ~ A Guide To Roleplaying Your Covian'.

OOC Principles
Here are some principles that apply to all Covians, and must be taken into consideration when roleplaying your character;

* Line of Sight
Your character cannot see through walls, nor behind him/herself. In addition, your character cannot see "name tags" that float above the head of other characters' heads. It may be useful to switch off "show approaching player names"; however, not necessary.

* Power Emoting
Power Emoting is not allowing the third party a chance to roleplay; in others, you already decide their fate (e.g. *kicks in head*, *knocks out*). It is preferred that you leave the other character(s) with options (e.g. *tries to kick in head*, *tries to knock out*). However, the only time when power emoting is "slightly" acceptable is when a prisoner is taken, as this character shall be so weakened that there is little they can do to fight back.

* Super Emoting
Super Emoting is when a player creates their character much like Superman, without weakness or fault (e.g. *dodges slow punch*, *feels no pain from hit*). These sort of emotes are poor roleplay, as the character cannot dodge EVERY punch, and are also extremely irritating OOC. Refrain from doing these.

* Party Use
Party is an excellent system to use when you need to tell another party something important OOC (e.g. "Afk! Someone's at the door!"). With the party system there is no need for the notorious (brackets) talks, which considerably ruins the atmosphere when used. However, when on party try to keep OOC chatter to a minimum, after all you did log on to "roleplay" and not catch up OOC with old friends (use ICQ for that).

Combat and battles are an excellent addition to roleplay. However, they must not be abused! Cove is at heart a roleplaying guild, and therefore do not randomly go PKing other guilds or spamming your desire to - else ye will be removed.

* Roleplayed Injuries
This is an optional combat attribute, but can add a lot of fun to your roleplaying experience. If you are a guardsman and take part in a major battle that does not go well, consider the possibility of a rather nasty poisoning, or the breaking of a bone. Here are some other ideas (forwarded by Darath Mithar);
* Minor cuts and scratches
* Larger gash, minimal blood loss (perhaps requires stitching)
* Head injury, concussion, memory loss, drowsiness
* Re-opening of an old wound
* Serious injury, large loss of blood, slipping in and out of consciousness, requires prolonged treatment.

* Guildtags
An OOC rule of CoRE is that all guildtags are displayed. However, you must take into consideration whether guilds would want their guildtags displayed IC (In Character). For instance, the Trinsic Militia will be proud and shall wear their guildtags or "badges" to show all the public. However, rogue guilds such as the Highwaymen, or the Brigands of the Fort would not do such a thing; therefore, treat them as roaming adventurers or civilians.

Covian Language
There is no distinct Covian accent as peasants and Army recruits have flocked from all over Britannia to join the Baronship. Therefore, it is up to the player on how the character speaks, but as always mIRC slang is not allowed.

* Converting Slang into Roleplay
:) *smiles*, *grins*, *smirks*
:( *frowns*, *looks sad*
lol, rofl *laughs*, *chuckles*, *giggles*
u You, Ye, Yer
thx Thanks, Thankye
kk Okay, Alright, Fine
Blue Adventurer, Civilian
Guildtag Badge, Insignia
Lag, Lost Conn Mud, Fell Asleep

Additional Roleplaying Guides
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