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The Baronship Of Cove was founded in the Autumn of 2004 by Baron Octiovus, and a few brave men. Full details of them can be found on the Legends and Tales section.

The Baronship
We are a roleplaying guild, based on the Trammel facet of the Europa shard. We aim to create a dynamic and fun atmosphere for our members, and to ever expand the rich fabric that is the Covian community.
To live the life of a Covian is indeed an exciting prospect! From the pitched battles to the bustling markets..

The Baronship works together as a team, and all of its members are friends. Everyone is treated equally Out Of Character, though rank exists in-game. Very much the same, our enemies are our friends Out Of Character also, and we work together to have fun. We do not single handedly value "l33t PvP skillz", nor do we work to have the best templates, armour, or kill the most enemies. Nor will gold or houses get you any further in the Baronship.
We value one thing above all others; the ability to roleplay! To create, a living, breathing character.

The Baronship is a challenge for all players, new and old, but we work to help players develop and become better at their roleplaying. If this prospect appeals to you, then stick around and look at what we have to offer. We're not simply a one concept guild. We're not just a Militia, or a bunch of peasants. We have many interwoven concepts, which means there is always something for every style of player.

Whether it be a simple Peasant, corrupt Merchant, or battle hardened Militia guardsman, all are welcome to partake, and have fun!

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