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Tuesday, 17th April 2018 - Octiovus for Chancellor!
In case you've been away for some time, it would appear Vesper reclaimed control of Covian territory.. BUT! With tremendous support from Rulk Industries, our liege Octiovus is in the running for Chancellor of the Free Republic of Vesper! Further to the reformation of the Vesperian Empire, the Free Republic of Vesper will be headed by a council of five elected positions; Chancellor of the Republic (and Governor of Vesper), Governor of Cove, Governor of Minoc, Head of the Vesper Trading Company and Head of Security. Lord Octiovus needs your vote!

Vote legend, vote Octiovus!

Sunday, 16th June 2013 - The Goblin Passes On.
After many years of service, The Green Goblin Tavern has been passed onto a new owner; one who may no longer be directly affiliated with Cove but is nonetheless a local and a good businessman.
The Green Goblin's first owner was that of Grief Dryfh Gry, a crazed but loyal guardsmen of the Covian Army; followed by Erik Arkay, an exemplary officer. Or was it the other way around.. Throughout the years The Goblin has exchanged many hands, but has always been a place where merry folk would gather and ponder their shared existence over a good ale.
This eve, the new owner has been announced as Kyte, now a merchant of the Vesper Trading Company, preceded by Senior Guardsman Gregor Eason.

Many good times were had at The Goblin.
 Those times will be remembered.

Sunday, 04th Feburary 2012 - New Commander appointed

Ilyana Drachen, the first female - and arcanist - commander of the Covian army

Former Commander Torrak Keres returned savely back to Cove, with him the great Baron Mikael von Richter and Captain Hoagie Grayner. During parade, Keres informed the proud standing men and women, that he decided due to an injury to retire in his position and that the decided to not promote the vastly more expirienced guardsman Grayner, but instead making Ilyana Drachen the new leader of the Covian army.

Sunday, 13th Feburary 2012 - Parade and Supply Caravan

Jassi Cowin takes the Grenadier Oath

On Sunday, the Covian Army held their first parade in a very long time. A small, but rather important parade while many from the Silent Blades stood by and watched. The reason they were there was unknown at first, a new recruit was added to the roster right before parade, but during the parade the men received fair shares of random silver and Jassi Cowin had taken the Grenadier Oath to become established as a Regular Grenadier, two former Guardsmen and Grenadiers of Cove and now members of the Blades, Marcus Tel'var and Keitaro Kazami who had been banished by Captain Hoagie and Commander Keres for deserting Cove stepped forth and had their banishment lifted by Arcanist Corporal Ilyana.

After the parade, the guardsmen were ordered by Corporal Ilyana to help run a caravan from Cove to Vesper to deliver supplies in order to aid Vesper to deal with the riots and strengthen the bond between Vesper and Cove.

Tuesday, 7th February 2012 - Shadows in the chaos

For a shadow, the state of chaos is excellent

Not only Covian soldiers could be seen lately in Vesper. Also the unliked part of the town heard the of the situation in Sosarian towns and cities.
However, these part of people are not there to help, they make profit of the chaotic times, killing recklessly and stealing only for their own good. How many poor citicens will suffer under the other part of threaths than the rioters before they are stopped?

Sunday, 5th February 2012 - Chaos Erupts in Vesper!

Covian forces drive back the raiders

On Sunday, Jassi Cowin and Ilyana decided to aid Vesper in dealing with the rioters and protesters that are causing chaos in the streets throughout all of Britannia. Raiders soon came and took complete control of the city. The two were joined by The Silent Blades and with their help, were able to drive back the raiders. What does this mean for Britannia? Will these raids and protests continue? Will Britannia ever truly have peace or has it fallen into complete anarchy? Only time will tell.

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