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Thursday, 25th November 2004 - Recruit Coma Black Promoted!

Newly promoted Junior Guardsman Coma Black.
Guardsman Recruit Coma Black has completed her trials in becoming a Junior Guardsman of the Cove Militia. She was given the quest of undertaking a pilgrimage leading to all virtuous shrines in Britannia, saying prayer for the safety of exiled Covians, and tithing gold for the greater Good. In doing so she has earned the coveted Covian headdress; a grand achievement! Well done Junior Guardsman Coma Black!

Please note, the Covian Town Crier is going on leave for two weeks. There will be no news until 11th December 2004. Check the Forum for updates on the Baronship of Cove!

Sunday, 21st November 2004 - Source Discovered. Water Crisis Ends!
This Sunday evening, a group of Covian guardsmen and Vesperian citizens uncovered the source of pollution thas has been rendering our local waters hideously undrinkable. The group was led by Barbara of the "Knights and Mages of Kha (KMK)" upstream towards Minoc, where it came across a suspicious miner's encampment. Several men stationed there were questioned, and their belongings searched.
After a considerable amount of talking and debate, the group finally discovered the truth behind the polluted waters of Vesper. It appears that the miners had been using a solution known as "Quicksilver" to convert copper ore into gold, making for quite a profitable business. The excess of the solution was washed off into the river, becoming an infamous white foam, which then floated downstream.
The matter has now been resolved with the miners, and it is believed that the Vesperian waters will be clean and drinkable again within a few days. The water crisis is over. Huzzah!

Covian guardsmen and Vesperian citizens find the source.

Read the full story on the CoRE Boards; Foam..., submitted by Barbara of Kha.

Thursday, 18th November 2004 - Militia Storm Covian Walls!
This evening, the Cove Militia made an assault upon the walls of its beloved town; a successful offensive upon the occupying Orc horde. Cove itself remains dominated by the horde, which includes hundreds of Orc Brutes and Magi; all proving extremely tough adversaries for the Covian guardsmen. However, the Militia managed to penetrate the Orc defences and successfully capture the walls of Cove. While this victory could only be short lived it no doubt has made a firm dent in the Orc morale, and has shown the citizens of nearby lands that the Cove Militia are winning the battles, and soon they will be winning the war.

The Militia secure the Covian Walls.

Tuesday, 16th November 2004 - Yiveth, New Lady Protector Of Vesper!
Yiveth, the barwench of the infamous Swagger's Inn, has been elected by the republic of Vesper to become the new Lady Protector. Her votes were closely followed by Tae'nu Ver, who had a considerable number of followers herself. Runners up included Thorin, Hanse, Caroline, Twothumb (??), and our very own Kado Gael and Gregor Eason!

Citizens of Vesper queue up to vote for the new Lord/Lady Protector of the community.

Thursday, 4th November 2004 - The Baronship Of Cove Claims New Home!
Being exiled from its home, the Baronship of Cove has taken up new residence in a glorious stronghold close to the heart of the Vesperian community. It is said that the Baron is "most pleased" with this recent acquirement. The stronghold contains two floors; the bottom floor is to be Baron Octiovus' office and the miltia's work area, whilst the top floor remains strictly the Baron's private quarters. The stronghold is situated directly south from the Buccaneer's Den gate.

Baron Octiovus, Commander Eason, Captain Mavis, and Guardsman Celt Gael all stand in awe.

Wednesday, 3rd November 2004 - Vesper In Turmoil!
Since the apparent death of Lord Kain Twothumb Vesper has been out of control. The law, which states that the title and power of Lord Protector was to be given to Twothumb's spouse (Tae'nu'Ver) in his absence or death, has been rejected by the Council of Vesper. The Council has instead removed Tae'nu'Ver from her position and announced Garret of the Vesper Trading Company as the new Lord Protector of Vesper. Garret's placement however is only temporary until the next Lord Protector election. Feuds have erupted, the peace of Vesper has been broken, and the Acting Lord Protector's life is already in danger.

Covian guardsman watch over the Acting Lord Protector

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