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Sunday, 11th December 2011 - New squad disbanded for the sake of a Grenadier

The Grenacist! Intellect of an arcanist - strengh of a grenadier

To show that the Covian army hasn't vanished yet, Corporal Drachen formed a new elite squad - The Grenacist! However, being outvoted by the others, she then sacrificed her bronze arms for the newly promoted Regular Grenadier Aleri Briggs! May the enemies of Cove tremble in fear of this new Baron's Own!

Monday, 1st August 2011 - Cove Reinforces Vesper, Orcs Routed!
Following the acceptance of Baron Mikael as Protector of Vesper, the Covian Army set out early this week to enforce the terms of the agreement, in which Vesper relinquished its sovereignty in exchange for favorable trade agreements and the protection of the Covian Army. The deal, conceived by the Army-dominated Baronial Council, and endorsed by newly-ascended Baron Mikael, is believed to be aimed toward ensuring that the North is guarded against any further attempts by the Kingdom of Britannia to reassert control over the region.

Covian forces dispose of Orcish prisoners.

Sources within the Army say that upon arriving in Vesper, troops discovered a contingent of Orcs looting the outlying structures of the town. The Army sprung into action, routing the raiding party and dumping those Orcs taken prisoner into the sea.

Baron Mikael is said to have personally rewarded House Keres for their contributions to the conception and implementation of this treaty, which is sure to usher in a new age of Peace and Prosperity for the North.

Sunday, 24th July 2011 -  Mikael Richter Claims His Birthright!
'Were it not here apparent that thou art heir apparent...'
As many Covians know, our glorious Baron Octiovus has long since retired to a quiet life in the Colonies. He enjoys all the finery of civilized Covian tradition coupled with the exoticism and expanse of tropical new lands. We have it on the best authority that he lives a peaceful life in his well guarded manse. There he dedicates himself to intellectual pursuits and to his cellar of fine vintage wines that he has proudly acquired from all corners of Sosaria through years of importation, taxation, occupation, colonization, and warfare.

Baron Mikael Formally Addresses the Covian Army

After much deliberation and debate, The Covian Council has decreed that it henceforth be known  Mikael Richter, the grandson of Retired Baron Octiovus Von Richter, has ascended as the new Baron of Cove. Aye Covians, he is entitled to his birthright by the divine will of Avatar and through council ruling. The noble blood that runs through Baron Mikael's veins surely spurs any claims of illegitimacy by slanderers! The announcement was made at the parade today and the guardsmen eagerly adopted their new baron. Cheers could be heard far throughout Altmere, way up in the Glenmores, and all the way to Vesper as people eagerly await the Covian empire being ushered into a new age of prosperity. Long live Mikael Richter, Baron of Cove!

Thursday, 30th June 2011 - Orcs! And Other Foul Creatures..!
Last eve, a mixture of Orc, Drow and Undead descended upon our allies in Yew. Cove was quickly dispatched to aid the Guardsmen Militia in extinguishing the threat that bore down on the once peaceful town (well, a matter of opinion I suppose..).
The recent attacks on both Yew and Cove have caused some concern to the military leaders of the two northern states, particularly with the identification of some organisation within the evil entities of this world. The Orcs now have leadership; that is most clear. The Undead have leadership, and their numbers continue to grow. The Drow were also seen last eve, reminding Britannia that their existence is still present. Though the appearance of these dark creatures was dealt with swiftly and capably by the Northern forces, one ponders whether this could be only the beginning..

Covian and Yew guardsmen stand firm.

Thursday, 16th June 2011 - Joint Patroulle Through Chaos
Nathaniel Hawk of Yew called for assistance throughout the land, for a patroullle through the heats of Chaos in Ilshenar; and indeed, many fine men and women came not only from Cove. The coalition fought it's way through many strong foes, dragons as twice as big as regular ones.

The Coalition striking down the lovely but deadly succubi.

Have these combined forces strengthened the alliance between Stonekeep and Cove? Or has it struck fear and mistrust into them? Only future will tell.

Wednesday, 15th June 2011 - Goblin Assaulted By Undead!
This eve, the Green Goblin in Cove was assaulted by several Undead! The fighting broke out during the interval of a Pub Quiz that was being hosted; many had attended from Cove, but also from Yew and beyond. Guardsman Recruit Aleri Briggs was noted particularly for his bravery as he defended the citizenry and Goblin staff from torment and death! The dangers of this eve also brought the return of Senior Grenadier Demarian Tel'var, who was inactive but has now put on his cap and sash and returned to the Baron's service!
Nonetheless, Undead?! In Cove!? Orcs, maybe.. but Undead!? Though the Covian guardsmen, including the retired Marcus Kobra, fought well and hard.. lives would nay have been saved without the aid of the Guardsmen Militia of Yew. Hopefully the alliance shall remain strong. Dark tides lurk ahead..

Covian and Yew guardsmen defend the Goblin!

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