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Wednesday, 3rd November 2004 - Vesper In Turmoil!
Since the apparent death of Lord Kain Twothumb Vesper has been out of control. The law, which states that the title and power of Lord Protector was to be given to Twothumb's spouse (Tae'nu'Ver) in his absence or death, has been rejected by the Council of Vesper. The Council has instead removed Tae'nu'Ver from her position and announced Garret of the Vesper Trading Company as the new Lord Protector of Vesper. Garret's placement however is only temporary until the next Lord Protector election. Feuds have erupted, the peace of Vesper has been broken, and the Acting Lord Protector's life is already in danger.

Covian guardsman watch over the Acting Lord Protector

Monday, 1st November 2004 - New Militia Commander Appointed
A new Commander of the Cove Militia has been appointed. His name is Gregor Eason, and he has taken a hard stand against the Orcs that have invaded Cove.
"They will see the militia and know Fear." The Commander has seen active service with the Britannian Army across the lands, and has a strong zeal toward discipline and professionalism.

Sunday, 31st October 2004 - Rumours Spread! Lord Twothumb Dead!
There are reports emerging that the Lord Protector Twothumb has been killed following the collapse of his residence in Vesper. A large bang was heard yesterday evening alerting citizens nearby to witness the destruction of the Lord's house, which also contained vital water supplies for the Vesper community. The wreckage is still being searched for the body of Lord Twothumb. Is the Lord Protector really dead? Who will take position of Acting Lord Protector? More news to come as the story unfolds.

Friday, 29th October 2004 - Orcs Invade!!
The Baronship has fully taken on board its role as the defenders of Cove. In the recent attack (some call 'invasion') of the Orc Horde, local reservists have been called up to help the regular militia in fighting this vile manoveur.
Non-combatant citizens are warned to stay inside their homes and board up their doors and windows if they have not yet been evacuated to safety.

Thursday, 28th October 2004 - New Tome Created
The new tome for the Baronship has now been created and should be fully accessible. If there are any problems, please pass these onto our tome scribe (pigeon number: 69-723-945).

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